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Windscreen Repair

Far cheaper than a new windscreen!

    Windscreen chips are not only unsightly, they can also impair vision and lead to an M.O.T. failure. Worse still, these chips often create tiny holes in the glass where water can enter. If that water should freeze on a frosty morning, the water will expand and will either make the chip worse, or crack the windscreen, putting it beyond repair. This could mean an expensive replacement.
Windscreen chip repair works by injecting a hard, clear plastic resin into the chip under high pressure, then burnishing and polishing the resin flush with the screen. This will leave the area fully sealed and repaired.

If you get a chip in your screen, don't delay in calling us, unless fixed right away, they can often get worse very quickly in cold weather. For the best results, the chip needs to be clean, so if possible, cover the chip with sticky-tape to prevent dirt and grime getting into the chip.

Using a mini-drill to grind out shattered glass chips.

windscreen chip repair

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