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Are you looking for the best possible prices without compromising quality?

We regularly check the market to ensure all our services are competitive and offer great value. We stay current on the market prices of real dent removal, on real dents, rather than going by the 'from' price or the 'start' price of the competition, thereby finding an average low and matching it on price, exceeding it in quality.

We have only the best dent technicians, a 'Plan B' incase your dent can't be done, quality control and money back guarantees to ensure you'll never be disappointed.

Clear Pricing Policy

It's our aim to make sure that you know how much you are likely to spend before you ever pick up the phone to call us. All our prices are clearly listed, We avoid starting prices, each has a cap and is organized by size which allows you to compare your dents to the ones picture on our online menu. And if you are still not sure, you can upload a photo and we'll give you an estimate online.

And remember, we only ever charge what we quote - no hidden costs or call out charges.

"After contacting other dent removal companies & being told this type of dent was very differcult to remove & that the best i could expect was about 50-60% sucess. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when New Again actually acheived 100%.

I can say without doubt that i would reccommend Kieran & his team at New Again" [more]

Quality is important!

Our aim is to provide the best expertise at sensible prices, giving good value for money. For PDR you need the best as a successful removal of a dent can save you the cost of a body shop repair.

And in the interests of fairness, we won't expect you to pay more than you need to either. If there are more than one dent on one panel, it's easier for us, this is why we'll give you the second and the third one at a large discount.

We don't push our team to up-sell

...instead we train them to enquire about your needs and advise accordingly. We take into account practicality, economic viability and of course, the passion you have for your car. Whether you are returning a leased car, selling a family saloon, or reconditioning a prestige sports car, we will provide the services that best suits your agenda. Please see our Win-Win Policy.

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