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Why use us for Paintless Dent Removal?

Dent on the boot of a Mini.The boot of the Mini after Dent Repair.

How we ensure you get the best

Our 20 years experience means that we know a good dent technician when we see one. As with all our craftsmen, we select those that can meet our high standards and fit with the ethos of our company.


Paintless Dent Removal is a skill often compared to playing golf, natural talent combined with years of practice and experience are what's required to reach a professional standard. We have seen and met many dent removal technicians over the years and yes... some are better than others.

One reason for this is that most of them mainly work for dealerships where they can work once a week and do many cars in one morning... it's nice work if you can get it. The drawback is that dealerships tend to pay a fixed price per panel, so there is no incentive to take time to do more difficult dents.

Many years ago, one of our dent men had a standoff with a dealership over a bonnet which had been damaged by hailstones and had 15 difficult dents to remove. He refused to fix the bonnet for what the dealership was prepared to pay him.


Not wanting to do it, many other dent men would have fobbed the dealer of saying that it couldn't be done, but not Chris, he was fully prepared to do it - he wanted to do it. As the saying goes, if a tradesman is worth his hire, he's worth looking after.

Fair pricing means that our dent technicians are able to take their time and do things properly and it means that they have more experience doing difficult dents.

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