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"What kind of damage can you repair?"

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We can repair scuffs and scrapes to the majority of alloy wheels. When can also deal with light corrosion, either on painted or bare metal wheels, and wheels where paintwork has discoloured, faded, tarnished or chipped/peeled off. Our Contact Menu will guide you to the answer to your problems... or you can upload a photo and we'll tell you if we can refurbish your wheels. And if we can't, we'll direct you ro somebody who can!

The paintwork on this BMW has chipped and fallen off exposing the primer underneath. To remedy this, the wheel would be stripped back the primer and resprayed.
Typical scuffing on an alloy wheel. Even light scuffs adversely effect the appearance of your car resulting in devaluation.
You can see there is corrosion above the badge of this wheel, the paintwork also looks tired, faded and is covered in small scratches and scuffs.
Scuffing to the face or spokes of wheels can easily be corrected by refinishing.


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Broken, Twisted, Bent or Buckled Wheels?

For severely damaged wheels, split rims, motorbike wheels, magnesium, polished metal, chrome and other specialty finishes we recommend Ace Performance.

If you tell them you were refered by Clean Image, they will give you a 10% discount!

broken, twisted, dented and backled wheels - Ace Performance Wheels
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