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Week ending 4th April 2008

We valet hundreds of cars every year, and take thousands of photos, most of these photos get filed away never to be seen again. But some cars are worthy of comment if not an article, maybe because we were asked to do something unusual with the car, maybe because we did a lot of work on the car, or maybe it's just because the car was nice! It's an excuse to show of our photos either way!



It's a departure from our normal format of "car of the week", but today we have been thinking about testimonials. Quite frankly we are a little bit angry... one of our customers told us he was going to another company because they were cheaper, we took a look at their website and they looked impressive. There on the front page, they even had testimonials... except they were stolen from our website.

As you can see from the photo above, we don't make up our testimonials and we don't steal them from other people's websites, we collect them from real customers. And time permitting, we publish them all, even the bad ones.

snail mail testimonies.

The photo above shows most of the testimonies that have arrived by snail mail since winter 2004. Can you spot the testimony that fell down the back of the filing cabnet and was nibbled on by a mouse?

left hand drive porsche.

This rather nice Porsche is in this week, and it's been here before. It's one we did some work on about three years ago - at the time, we refurbished the wheels which as you can see, still look pretty fresh. They have no flaking, peeling, fading or staining, no yellowing or milky patches that can sometimes be found on wheels that have previously been refubished using sub-par techniques or materials.

They did have some quite large stone chips, but so did the whole car - in fact the whole front end, bumper, wings and bonnet has just been resprayed because of the chips.

Anyhoo... we are so confident in the quality of our alloy wheel refurbishment that we are now offering a 3 year guarantee on them. And stay tuned, because we are also going to offering even more on wheels and 3 year guarantees on other repairs.


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