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Week ending 14th Oct 2006

We valet hundreds of cars every year, and take thousands of photos, most of these photos get filed away never to be seen again. But some cars are worthy of comment if not an article, maybe because we were asked to do something unusual with the car, maybe because we did a lot of work on the car, or maybe it's just because the car was nice! It's an excuse to show of our photos either way!


This is a car that Mark carried out paintwork correction on, I think Mark would describe it as 'a bit of a nightmare'. This car has the new water based paint and it is incredibly soft meaning that the car came in very scratched from washing, it was incredibly difficult to remove our own buffing marks and it took real care not to put scratches back into it.

We found that our microfibre cloths were putting scratches into it. So we went and bought some new super-soft ones, but these also left marks even when we were being very gentle. Once the car was finished we put it out front where it collected dust which was a problem as we couldn't think of a way of removing it without scratching the car, we certainly didn't dare risk putting a car cover on it.

So you have to ask, why bother buffing a car up like this when it's going to deteriorate next time you wash it? Well the car was badly swirled and had quite seriously scratches from washing - we removed the scrathces and got the car looking perfect which gives the owner a second chance - this time he can take extra special care when cleaning. This car is his pride and joy, and so although he may not be able to get it in perfect condition, he wants to keep it looking at the higher end of wonderful.


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