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Valeting for Used Cars

The obvious reason for having it valeted is to remove all traces of the previous owner, to remove their stains and their smells, but there are other reasons which make financial sense. A common theme you will find on this web site is that valeting can save you money by maximizing the value of your car and maintaining its value. This also applies to people who have just bought a used car.

There is a good chance that whoever sold you the car had already had it valeted. A car dealer certainly would have done so, the motor trade have known the value of valeting for many years. If you traded in your old car, this is what would have happened. They get cars on the cheap and then increase the value with professional valeting, this is how they make their money. So, if your car is already in immaculate condition from the dealer, it makes sense to keep it that way. The car will soon deteriorate without regular cleaning and a coat of good quality wax, or better still, a paint sealant.

Cleaning a hood and a Porsche.

Sometimes some simple services such as hood cleaning
and reproofing
can really freshen a car up.

If you have just bought a used car, there is a good chance you just sold your old one. Did you have it valeted to maximize it's value before selling it? Often our customers tell us that after valeting, their car looked the best it had ever looked the whole time they owned it... just as they were waving goodbye to it as the new owner drove it away! It makes much more sense to maintain your car with regular valeting while YOU own it, you deserve to have the benefits of the car at full potential. Now you have your chance with your new purchase.

Of course, if the car hasn't been valeted before you bought it, then hopefully you managed to get it for a song.

Now is the time to maximize its value and turn a £2,000 car into a £3,000 car. Merely attending to stone chips can dramatically improve the appearance of a car, and with it, the value. If you are in any doubt that valeting and smart repair builds value into a car, pop in ask us for an evaluation.

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