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Specialist Valeting Services

We have a very wide range of valet services which we regularly review to keep up with customer need. We also keep up with the latest technological developments in the valeting industry.

Special Vehicles

We can valet just about anything on wheels... and some things not on wheels. Campers, Caravans and Motorhomes can benefit greatly from paint sealants to protect their coated aluminium bodywork, and besides their large size often means that a caravan is just too much of a handful to take to your local local garage to use the pressure washer there.

We no longer valet motorbikes, but if you know anybody who does, please let us know.

Specialist Valet Services

Valeting has become so much more than just a 'wash and vac'. Clean Image has a range of services designed to tackle specific problems from minor damage to avoiding lease return refurbishment recharges.

Smart Repair

We can supply the full range of smart repair services from Alloy Wheel Restoration to Paintless Dent Removal and Upholstery & Leather Repair. We can even repair chips in windscreens.

Lease Return Services

To save you money and avoid expensive lease return refurbishment recharges, we have a program for owners of leased and contract hire vehicles. We know what the Return Inspectors are looking for, and how to fix it.

Insurance Work

We undertake work directly for the insurance companies, but should you wish to keep your no claims bonus, you can come directly to us.

Touble at the car wash,  a river bursts it's banks somewhere in America.Always use clean water when
washing or leathering a car.

Fire & Flood

Even the smallest fire causes smoke damage, so while it may be possible to replace areas that have been burnt, the rest of the vehicle may be contaminated with ash and thick sticky strong smelling tar. Vehicles caught in flood water will be contaminated with any pollutants in the water, which as often as not includes sewage. But even a leaky sunroof could let in enough water to cause you a major problem.

For examples of our flood restoration work, click here

Accident Recovery

If you have spilt it, chances are that we can get rid of it and its effects: paint, varnish, food, drink, blood, rotten fish or a yard of sand.

Odour Kill

Removing the source is the key to odour removal, followed by whatever it takes to kill the bacteria which causes smells. We have bio-active enzymes, deodorizers, foggers, ozone and anti-bacterials, this is why we have a 99% success rate.

Fallout Removal

Fallout usually means metallic particles from railways or industrial processes, but it can also mean other chemical compounds, paint overspray, or acid rain. We can remove the offending material, repair the damage and help protect you car from further contamination.
Article about Fallout and Raildust

Paint Restoration

Our experienced valeters are fully trained with the use of single and double headed buffing mops and the use of compounds, meaning we can restore faded, stained, scratched or matted paintwork and restore it to its original highly polished colour.
Article about Paint Restoration

cars for export

Export Preparation

These days you may have to jump through hoops of fire before being allowed to export your car abroad. We can probably help with whatever may be asked of you. Except of course hoops of fire.


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