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Valeting for those Selling a Car

Pre-sales valeting is a secret which for many years has been used by the motor trade to earn then them lots of money! The principle is simple, a car will command a higher price and be easier to sell if it looks to be in good condition. In these days when mechanical reliability is a given, cosmetic appearance is more important than ever to a car's value.

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Our friendly and experienced staff are always willing to help and can advise you as to the best valet services to suit your needs.

A quick look in a price guide such as Parker's guide will show you that there can be a huge difference in value between a car of poor condition and a car in very good condition. Sometimes this difference can run into many hundreds or even thousands of pounds, so it is often worth spending some money on repairs as this equates to an investment and not an expense.

How much you invest in valeting all depends on how much the car will be worth at the end. You don't want to spend more than the car is worth but it is worth spending £500 if you can raise the vehicle's value by £1,000. So, apart from doubling your money, the chances are you will make a quicker sale... more money, less hassle.

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