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Valeting for New Cars

A new Lexus

A new car will probably be the second biggest investment you will ever make. Some luxury, prestige and sports cars cost more money than a house. It makes sense to protect your investment. We offer a range of valeting services to help your car maintain its value.

Paint Sealants

Paint sealants are by no means overrated as a means of keeping your car looking like new. They form a tough shield over your paintwork which protects against the effects of ultraviolet rays, scratches, stone chips, acid rain, road film, road salts, bird droppings and just about every other contaminate that slowly but surely ages a car.

Place a car which is three years old next to a new car of the same model and you will instantly be able to see the effects the environment has on paintwork. But place side by side two cars of the same age, one with a paint sealant and one without and it is obvious which is which. And there would be little doubt over which is worth the most money! As cars these days are valued mostly on cosmetic appearance, it makes sense that if you wish to maintain your investment, and if you want your car looking glossy and new, then you have to have a sealant.

Often paint sealants are offered at the dealership, but there is no guarantee that they will offer the best sealant to suit your needs. And because of the way dealerships are set up, they tend to be expensive. With the salesman getting a large commission so that they care about selling them, but with their valeters paid little, they care little about correct application.

We offer sealants at up to 40% less than dealership prices. Taking advantage of our many and varied special offers, you can get them at even further discount. We guarantee the products and we guarantee the application.

As well as protection for paintwork we also have products for the protection of carpets & upholstery, alloy wheels, fabric hoods and even glass.

a 2 year old TVR, paintsealed  & valeted by us from new
Sealants keep your car looking new both inside & out.

Valeting Program

Once your car is paint sealed, we recommend that you maintain it with regular valeting and avoid car washes if possible. Automated car washes use harsh stiff brushes which scratch your paintwork, we recommend you go and feel them. We are sure you will agree, they aren't as soft as they look, and you won't want them anywhere near your car. Besides, an automated car wash will not wash your car properly, instead it pushes dirt and grime into the recesses and crevices where it harbours contaminants that cause rust. Only careful valeting by hand and with hot pressure washers properly removes this threat. It doesn't need doing too often, once every six months is sufficient. In-between times, all that is needed is gentle hand washing to remove bird droppings, bugs and road grime, all of which contain acids which will etch into your sealant and eventually your paintwork if left for too long.

We can organize a valeting program for you by booking you in regularly so that your car can be properly cleaned. Issues such as those addressed on this page can be kept in check.

Stone Chips

There is one threat to your car for which little can be done. Stone chips break through paintwork to the bare metal underneath, leaving it unprotected and prone to rust. A good quality paint sealant will help and reduce the numbers of chips, but some will be big enough to even smash their way through vinyl protective films. We recommend that when you purchase your new car, you order a touch up paint from the dealer. Check regularly for stone chip damage and cover the chips with paint. It is best done with an artist's brush, but if you don't have an artistic bent or a steady hand, don't worry. Just get the paint on any way you can, don't worry if it looks a mess. Because touch up paints are cellulose and the base colour is acrylic, it can easily be removed at a later date with thinners and retouched by a professional. It is preferable to put the paint on with a four inch brush than not at all, because if rust gets to those chips before you do, it's very difficult and expensive to remedy.

If you do lots of motorway driving and are prone to stone chips, or you feel that there are certain areas of your car which may receive excessive wear (such as the boot area), we can supply and fit transparent protective vinyl film of the type already supplied by many car manufacturers.

We recommend the following services

Bronze Valet
Paint Sealants
Fabric Protector
Renovo hood protector


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