Did you know that the navy use the same paint sealants to treat ships as they do cars? It protects against salt water.

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Valeting for Export

If you are taking a car abroad these days, you may find that you have to provide proof that certain criteria have been met, especially if exporting to America. This may include having the underside and engine compartment disinfected and the fuel tank emptied and cleaned.

At our premises, we have space to accommodate vehicles on transporters, we can also arrange for the removal of fuel tanks. We have hot pressure washers with the ability to pump disinfectant inline. We also have interceptors to safely dispose of waste and we can provide the relevant written documentation.

A sports car  arrives in the US

Requirements for export vary greatly between countries and shipping companies and it can be a complicated issue trying to find out the correct rules and regulations. Be sure to take advice from your shipping agent before attempting to export your car. We can then tailor our valet services to meet your specific needs.

We can also meet any need you might have for putting your car, motorhome or caravan into storage. After retrieving your vehicle from storage it can be valeted for a freshen-up.


Morgan preparation for export
Treating a 1938 Morgan 3-Wheeler with Microban X590 in preparation for export to Canada. See the testimonial here
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