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Valeting for Luxury, Prestige, Classics, modern Classics & Sports Cars

At New Again, we understand that for many people a car is more than just four wheels to get them from A to B. We know that some lucky people get to own the car of their dreams and for these people, only the best is good enough.

Prestige, classic and sports cars often have features which can be delicate or require specialist skills to deal with, such as leather upholstery or steel wheels. We have a range of services which not only preserve and protect, but can also restore and renovate.


It is often the case that prestige and sports cars come in the most difficult colours to deal with. Red is very prone to fading and staining and black shows every smear and mark, while certain makes like TVR have very soft paintwork no matter what the colour.

Ferrari 512tr


Obviously, it is better to avoid paintwork problems before they start, this is why we so often recommend paint sealants. A good quality paint sealant offers ultraviolet protection against fading, chemical resistance against acid etching, and makes a hardened surface which reduces scratches and stone chips. We also offer the highest quality waxes from some of the world's most renowned car care manufacturers for those who wish to protect their cars in the traditional way. Whether your car's paintwork is modern acrylic or cellulose, flat colour or clear over base, we have the perfect product to offer the perfect shine and long lasting protection.


If it happens that the damage has already been done, don't despair because there is a very good chance that your paintwork can be restored. Buffing with compound removes a minimal upper layer of paint or lacquer, removing faded paintwork and smoothing out fine scratches left by car washes. We can also buff on special permanent polishing sealants which help fill scratches and blemishes.

For more serious problems such as rail dust and industrial fallout we can cure the problem with acid and/or clay. We also have a full range of smart repairs to deal with scratches, scuffs, chips and dents.


Often it's the look of the wheels which really set a car off. And just as often it is tatty wheels which let a car down. On a new car, it's the wheels which are usually first to become damaged from scuffing curbs. Even if you are careful, it is inevitable that hot brake dust will attach itself to recesses. Brake dust then oxidizes when it becomes wet and of course your wheels get the worst of the road salts and grit. This can lead to corrosion of the alloy or steel, and staining or cracking of the paint or lacquer.


We remove brake dust and other pollutants using our own special chemical formula which is not available in the shops. We guarantee that nobody can get your wheels as clean as we can. We also guarantee that our method will not stain or tarnish, as some commercially available products do.


We also offer alloy wheel restoration and refurbishment, to deal with scuffs, corrosion and lifted coatings.


The last few years has seen the development of new products to tackle the problem of corrosion caused by brake dust and other pollutants on alloy and steel wheels, and we are proud to be among the first to offer these as part of a valet service.

Subaru Impreza

We offer both Metalmate which is a sealant designed for both wheels and other metal areas, and Alloywax by Toughseal, a thick waxy sealant designed specifically for coated Alloys.


We also offer alloy wheel restoration and refurbishment, to deal with scuffs, corrosion and lifted coatings.

Other Metalwork

It's not uncommon for prestige and classic cars to come with stainless steel, chrome or polished aluminium. For Concours and show cars, it is important that metal work looks like new. Rest assured that we can be trusted with wire wheels, chrome grills and polished custom engine parts on modern classics.

Porsche leather interior

Upholstery, Leather and Cabriolet

We offer a full range of upholstery valeting services for cleaning, protection and repair.
We can also supply similar valet services for leather upholstery, including leather conditioning, leather repair and recolouring. [more]

Fabric and vinyl hoods can be a real problem as they are essentially upholstery but exposed to the full brunt of the elements. We have a range of products for cleaning and de-moulding drop-tops, this now includes Renovo® Plastic Polish. Plastic Polish is a restorer especially designed to remove scratches and the clouding found on the plastic rear windows of convertible cars (it can also be used on plastic lamp and light covers). We also offer fluoro-chemical protectants for fabric hoods which repel water and prevent mould. [more]

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