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If you are running a business, you will understand the importance of projecting the right image for your company, and for this, the benefits of valeting are obvious. But every successful business should also keep economy in mind, and every opportunity to save money should be considered. The diesel engines in vans, minibuses and pickup trucks should be good for 200,000+ miles, but many companies trade in their vehicles long before this time because they look tired and tatty.

Employees tend to treat new vehicles with respect, but once they begin to look tatty they tend to stop treating them with care. If your vehicle looks like a dustbin, your employees will treat it like a dustbin. Careful and regular valeting and maintenance keeps this situation in check, helping fleet managers keep up to date with the condition of their vehicles.

A regular valet program also prevents rust getting out of hand which, once set in, becomes almost impossible to cure. Seeing to stone chips and scratches makes sure the bodywork is not exposed to the elements, arresting corrosion before it begins. After a valet is the ideal time to address problems such as loose trim and minor damage to seats. With a full range of Smart Repair Services, there is very little we can't handle.

All this means is that vehicles maintain their condition and their maximum value. You get the maximum money back when you trade in, or you get the maximum useful life out of your vehicle if you keep it. This is especially important for vehicles that have acquired the extra investment of specialist modifications such as refrigeration units, racks or even sign writing.


Fleet Vehicle Valeting

Fleet Services

We know that fleet managers have enough on their plates without having one more thing to worry about. And that's why we make it all simple. We can tailor our service to your system providing documentation for driver to driver exchanges, lease returns and annual or biannual inspection. We can even provide courtesy cars to your drivers while their cars are being valeted.

A Motorway Maintenance pick-up complete with vinyl graphics, this kind can be very hard to remove


When it comes to trading in your old vehicles, preparing them for sale or auction, removing self adhesive vinyl lettering can be a real pain. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it can take many hours to remove by conventional means, i.e. picking it off with your fingers and maybe a hot air gun. We have special chemicals which soften the vinyl, dissolve the adhesive, all without damaging the paintwork. This allows us to de-sticker a vehicle in a fraction of the time you could do it yourself.

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