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Accidents & Emergencies

Flooded car arrives by transporter
Spilt Paint in Car - Click for larger image.

We can deal with accidental spillages and contamination both inside and outside of your car, including Concrete Splatter, Cement Dust, Paint Overspray, Industrial Fallout, Rail Dust, Ash, Tree Sap, Lime Scale, Fence Paint, House Paint, White-Line/Road-Paint, Graffiti, Vandalism[1][2][3], Flood Damage, and Fire Damage.

If you have an accident which has left unwanted substances in or on your car, please don't delay. Phone us as soon as you can. Of course, if your wife has just given birth on the back seat, you may have other things on your mind, but generally speaking, the sooner we get a chance to deal with the problem - the better.

Sometimes there are things which can be done before you get to us, such as covering wet paint with damp towels* to stop it drying out. This is why it is important to call us at the earliest opportunity for advice.

*Update: We are finding that the main bulk of the paint is fairly easy to clean up when it has been covered in a wet towel, but then it may take us hours to remove all the little bits of splatter that have dried because they were not covered and have dried.
So don't be afraid to used more than one old towel, to get them plenty wet and cover every bit of paint you can. The towels can be soaking wet - drying cars is something we do every day, so it won't be a problem.

Using an extractor with built in shampoo

Over the years, we have seen just about every thing possible spilt in car interiors, Ribena, Eggs and Milk are something we see every day, Blood and Urine are also common.

These are problems which are easy enough to deal with and can normally be dealt with with shampooing and steam cleaning, followed by Odour Kill. But these things stain and can begin to smell if not dealt with quickly, especially Vomit which contains acids and bacteria.

Often, this kind of soiling is only on the surface of your upholstery, at New Again, we remove soiling with an extractor. Be aware that trying to clean up the mess yourself by washing may spread the spillage and soak it into your seats... making the problem worse.

Flood Damage, is a health hazard which not only needs extracting, it will also need disinfecting, decontaminating and Odour Kill. If this should happen to you, we treat this as an emergency and can usually book you as soon as possible. Flooded vehicles can be as little as a day's work, if you have just a small amount of water, but more often we deal with cars caught in serious floods. These will take much longer and involve stripping the interior of the car -- please see our flood articles for more information. For cars with leaking roofs, we also have a leak detection service.

Save your No Claims Bonus!

Many people have an insurance excess of £250-£350, we can often clean up a car for under this figure, see this article for an example.
But even if we can't, it is worth factoring in the effect of your no-claims bonus in addition to your insurance excess. How much is it worth to you per year? Dealing with the problem quickly can save the insurance company huge amounts of money, meaning that even if you do claim, it will be a smaller claim which will save you money.

Other common spillage's we see are Paint, Varnish and Woodstain, Petrol, Diesel and other domestic products such as cooking oil. Usually we are able to clean up this mess without the need to replace seats or carpets, saving your no-claims-bonus.

Insurance Claims - If you come to us before the problem has got out of hand (i.e. spilt paint has dried hard), we can often rectify the problem without the need for you to make an insurance claim. But should a claim be necessary, we are approved by most major insurance companies and if you call them, they will often let us take care of the claim for you. They are usually happy to do this because past experience has shown we can make them huge saving too - the smaller the claim on your policy, the less you pay later!

We recommend the following services

Interior Valet
Accident Recovery - unsavoury substances
Accident Recovery - Spilled food & Drink
Fire & Flood damage
Odour Kill


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