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Ford Mondeo

Positive feedback for car valeting "My car was treated with Supagard five years ago and has been looked after by Clean Image ever since.
I have been very pleased with the result. My next car will certainly be treated with Supagard, everything just washes off it so easily!"

Brian Gadsby

Positive feedback for car valeting "The car I bought two and a half years and 25,000 miles later, costing £6100 was given a full valet and Supagard  paint sealant - £195.
It looked brand new. Now with just regular valeting its been sold for £3950 using the helpful guide on the website
...and it still looks good as new."

VW Passat

Johnathan Hodgekins

Positive feedback for car valeting "First Class Service,
Car looked fantastic,
Great steak and wine!

Terry Walsh - Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire

Just 12 minutes from Danbury!
...a one-stop-shop well worth the journey.

Smart Repair - Small Dent Removal - Scuff Repair - Odour Removal

Leslie Knight with his Volvo

Positive feedback for car valeting "Three years ago I had my Volvo sealed with Diamondbrite and have had Clean Image look after my car ever since. Recently I was astounded when I looked in the Parker’s price guide. I found that my car in it’s current condition is worth £2875 more than a similar car in poor condition. Not only has the valeting paid for it’s self, but I have had the benefit of a pristine car the whole time I have owned it. I’ve now decided to keep my car a bit longer. "

Leslie Knight - Parish Priest

Mr Crowhurst with his newly valeted Marcos

Positive feedback for car valeting "Fantastic results,
Excellent service,
I'm very pleased with my car

Mr Crowhurst - Brentwood Essex

Positive feedback for car valeting A 'good' friend of mine thought he would cheer me up by putting my mint condition MkI Golf through a car wash.
Afterwards the paint was covered in 'swirls' from the nylon brushes. Thank you Clean Image who restored the paint back to it's former glory!


Dave Oliver

Positive feedback for car valeting and alloy wheel refurbishment "Thanks to Clean Image, I had a great, and I mean great as in 'BIG' steak meal for free at the Riverside Inn.

The food was more than enough, nicely presented and delicious steak. The staff were courteous and the surroundings pleasant.

The shopping was excellent in Chelmsford, I really enjoyed it and recommend it to anyone. Also I was able to leave my car at Clean Image whilst I ate and shopped.

When I got back my alloy wheels were finished. I'm very proud of the results, they look like new again"

Ann Jackson - Leatherhead, Surrey

Too far to travel? we will make it worth your while! Visit us from outside Essex and we will buy you a steak dinner to eat in the Riverside Inn while you wait. Special deals on accommodation also available. Room for two, only 60.

The Max power team taking photos at Clean Image

Positive feedback for car valeting "If you are ever feeling dirty,
 pop in and see Clean Image "

Maxpower magazine - September 2004 issue

Positive feedback for car valeting and smart repair "As a competition winner for Dream FM I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the team who carried out the work at Clean Image Co in Chelmsford.

Simon Kiddle and his VW Corado

The interior valet was completed to the highest standard imaginable and, importantly, without any remaining unpleasant cleaning odour. The exterior looked absolutely incredible with the  paintwork of my 9 year old car looking as though it had just come out of the showroom. All in all a fantastic job that has seriously added to the value of my vehicle.

I can’t recommend the work carried out at Clean Image highly enough. "

Simon Kiddle - Dream FM competition winner
For the full story, click here

Positive feedback for car valeting "I asked Clean Image to treat my 3 week old TVR with Supagard. My car was already covered in fine scratches but they were able to remove these returning my car to it's original sheen. In fact, it's shinier than when it was brand new. I can’t comment on how the car will look in three years yet, but if it looks as good as this, it will have been a worthwhile investment."


Dan Jones


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