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    These are just some of the customers who recommend our valet and smart repair services.

Positive feedback for regular valeting "I have used Clean Image for at least the last 8 years, since I bought my car from new. It's bodywork and interior look almost as new as I have had either a Silver or Bronze valet service every year.

The quality of the work done is excellent and all the staff are very helpful and thorough in what they do and what needs to be done during a valet. They don't suggest that things be done that should not.

And if you are a regular customer, you get a few freebies!!"

David White - Chelmsford Essex - 20/5/05


The hollins girls with dad's Lexus LS430

Positive feedback for connollising "Connollising = very impressed with the results. This treatment has transformed the vehicle. not only does it look fantastic, I'm sure that the value of the vehicle has increased. I would highly recommend both procedure and the high standard of craftsmanship that is required.

Leather smell = This treatment gives the car a nostalgic and prestigious feel as soon as I open the door. Very impressed. "

Tony Hollins - Leicester - 18/05/05


Citroen Saxo dents.

Positive feedback for valeting services "Helpful and very good job done on our car, especially in removal of tree sap.

Car mats still very damp on collection - car is full of condensation after being left for any period. Obviously it will dry out over time but current weather has delayed this*.

Overall very pleased with the condition of the car on collection. Will definitely be using your services again."

*four days of warm weather and rain meant that there has been high humidity, but luckily a 'mini-heat wave' is forecast for the weekend, 25/05/05.

Mrs Dickson - Boreham- 20/05/05


Alloy wheel Refurbishment

Positive feedback for alloy wheel repair "After exterior valeting the car looks completely different in a good way. Job with alloy wheels is FANTASTIC!! All four wheels look like new.

Service and attitude of the staff to the customers are perfect. "

Valeriy Chymshyt - London - 20/05/05


Positive feedback for car valeting "1st Class Job.

1st class service,
and would definitely return with any problems."

Mike - Harlow- 15/03/05


Just 54 minutes from Brightlingsea!
...unique services, well worth the journey.

Alloy Wheel Repair - Small Dent Removal - Bumper Scuff Repair


Positive feedback for Ulrashield paint sealant "Application of Ultrashield on my Corolla was fairly satisfactory.

I was expecting a thick and permanent coat on the paintwork but it was fairly thin.*

Generally the job was satisfactory."

*Paint sealants work on a microscopic level, filling and sealing the microscopic pores in your paintwork and coating the car in glossy coat of Polymers which is just a few microns thick. Sealants cannot be compared in thickness to clear coat lacquer, apart from the extra shine, they are virtually invisible.

Kiran - Edgeware Middlesex - 23/05/05


Mercedes E220 during valeting, having JewelUltra Diamondbrite applied.

Positive feedback for car valeting, alloy wheel refurbishment, paint buffing and Diamondbrite sealant "I'm really delighted with all aspects of your service.

May car looked like new and the inside shine as much as the outside.

Thank you for all your effort, Especially Mark who looked after me and my car so well.

I am spreading the word that Clean Image lives up to it's name."

Rod Richman - Edgeware - 26/05/05


yet another red golf wich had faded paintwork, it looks okay after buffing!

Positive feedback for paint buffing "If you want to put some life back into your car Clean Image is the place to take it.

It seems there is nothing that is too much trouble.

Excellent friendly service that produces Amazing results.

I won't hesitate to use Clean Image again.

Good work lads"

Bradley Poole - Chelmsford Essex - 27/05/05


Dented BMW bonnet

Positive feedback forpaintless dent removal "Excellent freindly service, dents removed very professionaly. Good value.

I would recommend and use again."

Justin Mooray - London - 04/06/05


vauxhall 888 preped for Santa-pod

Positive feedback for triple buff and Supagard exterior "Brilliant, very pleased with the end result.

Thanks very much."

Steven Richards - Chelmsford Essex - 04/06/05




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