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    These are just some of the customers who recommend our valet and smart repair services.

positive feedback for car valeting "Did much research before deciding on Clean Image, Was not disappointed.

Did a great job at re-proofing my convertible's roof. Decided to also opt for the paint sealant which was worth the money.

Very professional outfit, talked me through all my options without any 'hard sell' tactics.

Would happily recommend to anyone who asks.

Thanks Edward!! "

BMW 330csi
Mr D. Curtis - Leigh-on-sea - 02/05/06


positive feedback for car valet services. "Overall very good. The car was very dirty inside due to trips to the riding stables, when I collected it it was like new again.

A couple of small details were missed but on pointing them out they were rectified swiftly and pleasantly."


Lexus RX 400 H

Simon Wray - Rayleigh - 10/05/06


positive feedback for car valeting "I thought the customer service was good as I wasn't pressured into unneccessary services.

The overall finish was very good but I noticed a couple of minor quibbles after I had left. The rear mats werent's replaced on the floor* and a bit of the upper window hadn't been polished off - but it did rain when I was leaving so may have been due to that.

Overall I thought a good valet."

*We place the mats in the boot if they or your carpets are damp - it helps the car dry out and avoids any problems with damp odours. You should have been informed, I'm sorry that you were not.

Ford Fiesta
J.Blanford - Chelmsford - 01/04/06


Positive feedback for our car valeters "Very helpful and courteous with good advice and options. Called 2 days before to confirm booking.

On the day all went smooth and when I collected the car showed me end product and asked if satisfied.
Very satisfied, would use again and recommend."


Audi A4

Mr Lewis - Chelmsford - 16/05/06


positive feedback for car valeting "The car was very well cleaned. As an agent bought the car for me I am no able to comment on how much better it looked. However it was as near perfect as it is possible to and I am delighted with my shiny new car. "

Golf 1.9TDIS
Caroline Wright - Hornchurch - 25/05/06


Just 24 minutes from South Woodham Ferrers!
...unique services, well worth the journey.

Wheel Repair - Small Dent Removal - Bumper Scuff Repair


Positive feedback for valeting "Thorough, timely and friendly."



Vauxhall Vectra

D.Elliot - Chelmsford - 6/04/06


positive feedback for car valeting "You get more than a good job done, Clean Image start by analysing the particular need of your car and, without being pushy advice on priorities, "has the car been parked by a factory or railway line." Well actually yes. So they removed the oxide deposits, invisible to my eye but present on the buffing material* afterwards.

Service exceeded expectations.

Even the steaks were valleted.

Well worth reading the website too."

*We used a claybar before buffing - please read our article on fallout and raildust.

Mercedes C320
Mike Rumble - Farnham Surrey- 20/05/06


Positive feedback for valeting "Excellent service as usual."



Mecedes CLK

Devar - Chelmsford - 30/05/06


Negative feedback for car valeting "A note of disapointment RE the service my wife recieved, especially given your website statement of procedure.
(1) Charged a medium fee for a two seater sports car! I am keen to understand 'small'!.
(2) Charged £25 for leather conditioner & 'advised not in stock'
& given a bottle to take away!
(3) Charged for Diamondbrite without asking for it.
(4) Promised phone call when ready, none recieved!

Please provide a refund for the above items. "


Mazda MX5
Mr Proudfoot - 13/05/06

How we addressed this compaint

We phoned Mr Proudfoot and addressed the issues and have since made changes as follows:-

(1) We use the sizes of cars as a rough guide but actually price according to how much work is involved - usually the two tally pretty well. Although sports cars tend to be two seaters, they are packed full of detail and involve quite a lot of work, especially with convertable hoods so we class them as the next size up, even the smaller ones. For example, a Porsche Boxter is physically smaller than a Astra which is a medium, but because of the level of work in a Porsche we class it as an executive.
We have always classed MX5s as medium sized cars, and class most sports cars as medium or bigger. We quote this at the beginning and it is on the appraisal form, it's not something we add on at the end. We quoted the car as a medium.
We are currently compiling a database of cars and their sizes which will be available on the web so potential customers can see before they buy and to maintain consistency. Obviously this is a huge undertaking but we hope to be able to get it on the web site over the next month or so.

(2) Our standard leather conditioner (AutoSmart) was not in stock, so we gave Mrs Proudfoot a free upgrade to Diamondbrite Leather Treatment. This is applied to the car and the remainder of the product given to the customer which is how we always sell Diamondbrite Leather Treatment. As this car was a two seater there was quite a lot left over - at least enough for another 5 treatments!
Our valeter did inform Mrs Proudfoot of this fact, but we understand there can be a lot to take in at the appraisal. Our valeter also failed to mark this down on the appraisal sheet which he should have done.

(3) The customer was actually charged for Autosmart Leather Conditioner but recieved Diamondbrite which is a more expensive product. It is our policy to upgrade if we run out of products (we usually have plenty of options) and we also usually throw in a few extras to make up for the inconvienence - in this case we buffed a scratch from the paintwork free of chage, but alas, our valeter also failed to note this on the appraisal form or the invoice.

(4) Our logs show that the customer was called at 5.30 but its not logged as to if the call was answered.

It is clear that this complaint is due to a lack of communication on our part. The valeter concerned failed to explain things properly to the customer, failed to make them down properly on the appraisal sheet and failed to write them on the invoice in any detail. The valeter was repremanded and the issue was made the subject of two training sessions so that we might avoid this happening again in the future.

We also offered Mrs Proudfoot a Free wash and wax the next time she was in Chelmsford by way of compensation for the misunderstanding.

After calling Mr Proudfoot, we wrote to him, here is a copy of the letter.

Dear Mr & Mrs Proudfoot,

Sorry for the misunderstandings regarding the valet we carried out on your car – we are currently taking steps to ensure that there is less chance that it happens again in the future by making changes to our website and with a staff training session. We hope that things have now been explained to your satisfaction and that you are happy with the work.

I’m writing to you concerning the testimonial/feedback form you sent us (copy attached) as we do put all testimonies on our website. Would you please consider writing another testimonial to replace or to be added to one you have already sent us?

We don’t mind showing that sometimes we have problems, but do like to show that we resolve them to the satisfaction of our customers and your co-operation would be much appreciated in helping us to do this.

I do hope that you take us up on the offer to clean your car next time you are in town and look forward to seeing you.

Once again, our sincere apologies for the misunderstandings.

Gary Wray


He sent us back a testimony sheet as follows:-

Negative feedback for car valeting "Clean Image followed up on our feedback and resolved the misunderstandings.

My advice is to be clear on your requirements.

A complementary car clean was a goodwill gesture too."


Mazda MX5
Mr Proudfoot - -/05/06


Positive feedback for paint sealants "Many thanks for the superb service I received on Saturday 20th May when I had Superguard paint sealant applied to my Mazda.

It is a real pleasure in this day and age of indifferent and shoddy workmanship to have only a job superbly done, but with a polite, helpful and professional attitude.

I received a courtesy phone call a couple of days before my appointment just to check all was okay, and a call to confirm that the car was ready.

All the options were throroghly explained to me by Mark, the car was ready at the agreed time and looked fantastic.

I would have no hesitatio in recommending Clean Image to anybody.
Well-done 110%. "


Mazda 6

John Carter - Chelmsford - 20/05/06



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