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    These are just some of the customers who recommend our valet and smart repair services.


peach or lemon

vandalism damage "As Image Clean had contacted PoL to help in our quest of getting the motoring public a fair deal from the industry, I thought that this would be an opportune moment to get my car valeted by professionals.

For the lazy that do not want to read on, I found the organization good and the outcome impressive.

My car is 4.5 years old and needed a good wash and brush up inside and out. I am like most owners who care for their cars with the normal stuff from Halfords and experience gained over XX’s years of car ownership.

So off I tootled to Chelmsford one Friday and let them do their best.

I found the place easy enough due to the good map supplied on their web site.

First impressions were of a competent organization that care and are good at what they do despite the smallness of the front desk and office space and the location right on top of the entrance door. I would like to see that area looked at in a more ergonomic way.

The building is reasonably huge and they are in the process of alterations to the place when I was there. I was treated courteously at all times and my car was given even better treatment, which has to be the right way.

Personally, I prefer a workshop to be functional and basically clean but not overdone clean if you see what I mean, and this fitted the bill nicely. It shows me that my money is being spent on what is necessary to get my car up to scratch, so to speak, and not on fancy expensive gizmos that do nothing except to impress the customers. A functional and practical workshop is the one for me.

I was offered a cup of tea and my heart sank when it was from a machine. Being a teapot, I was not looking forward to it, but was pleasantly surprised, as it really did taste of a cup of tea and not some putrid apology of tea. Clearly then, men after my own heart.

The staff were friendly and offered advice when none was asked for and appeared that they were happy in their work and seemed to be treated well by their manager and I believe, owner Gary.

That’s the first impressions taken care of and now to the nitty gritty; how well did they do with my car?

Mark was the man that assessed my car and also valeted it. He was polite and told me of all the things that needed doing to bring my car looking good. He explained that certain things did not warrant doing because it is not a show car but an everyday worker. I was never once pushed into something I did not want and at no time was I promised the earth, just given options.

I deferred what I needed to Mark and it was agreed that a clay rub down and two buffings with a receding grade of compound along with a Supaguard coating should get most of the hairline scratches out and bring the paintwork to a good standard.

The interior was also steam cleaned, waxed and buffed to an excellent standard. When you consider that the interior, especially below the seats really do take a hammering, I was surprised how good it came up.

As I have said before, in 4.5 years of hard work, but looked after, I did not think that my car could look so good. Most of the scratches were gone, as promised. The paintwork was flat, no lumps or bumps and the shine was incredible to the point of amazement. Remember, I could have had the Gold Service but opted for the Silver Service instead which I included a few more jobs to be done.

As for the alloy wheels, I’m speechless. I hate these alloys as they are so awkward to clean so I have neglected them big time. How they have come up is nothing short of sensational. Yes there are still some marks on them, but they are only noticeable up very, very close. Mark, you are a star, and he doesn't even drive!!

The paintwork has still got a few imperfections, i.e. a few small stone chips and a couple of deeper scratches on the bumpers, but this was pointed out to me beforehand. It did cost me a few bob mind, but the result has probably justified the cost, only time will tell. I was also advised on how to care for my car in the future.

A couple of days afterwards, guess what? A damn bird the size of an Albatross decided to dump on my shiny car! The red mist of incandescence anger just melted away when I cleaned it off with ease with just some water, (and a cloth)

Would I recommend them? Of course, for without a doubt, skill and pride will always win for me."

Nissan Almera
Jim - - 1/09/05


Positive feedback for wheel refurbishment "I am very happy with my wheels and staff are good to talk to and very helpful.

I will be using them again. "

R Berris - Chelmsford - 28/09/05


Rolls Royce Spirit

Positive feedback for leather re-colouring "We were very happy with the level of service we received at Clean Image.

While the connollising they did on the car was to a general high quality, there was one area where it was not perfect.

The guys at Clean Image did not quibble over the problem and came up with a variety of good solutions, all of which would have solved my problems

Rolls Royce leather upholstery

It is a tribute to their skills and professionalism that we left as very happy customers ready to recommend them to anyone. "

Rolls-Royce Spirit
Peter Heffernan - Surbiton - 26/09/05


Neutral feedback for valeting "Apart from the scratch to my rear tinted windscreen, I was very impressed with the friendly helpful service I received.

Gary was understanding when I was late for the initial assessment and Rob tried hard to make amends for the damage to my car during the valet by touching up the stone chips and carrying out extra cleaning too.

The steak promotion is a unique idea and I very much enjoyed the lunch."

Note: Lisa asked us to remove a sticker from the inside of her rear windscreen which was over the top of the tinted screen film. Unfortunately, while removing the sticker we cause a scratch to the film. We take full responsibility for this and have offered to pay to have the tinted film on the rear screen replaced.

Honda CRX
Lisa Hayward - 27/09/05


Positive feedback for leather re-colouring "Scratch repaired - more than pleased with the results. More or less unnoticeable.

Bronze valet - no complaints

Service - overall very impressive, procedures are all explained in depth, car was ready when requested.

Will recommend and will be using services again. "

Ford Street ka
Miss R Furze - Chelmsford - 30/09/05


Just 21 minutes from Hutton!
...a one-stop-shop well worth the journey.

Smart Repair - Dent Repair - Scuff Repair - Wheel Refurbishment


Positive feedback for valeting "I cannot write too highly of the service we receivedfrom this company.

A car was rented for me and when we got back next day, my truck was standing outside looking like glass and the inside was spotless. I had come from Peterborough, so quite a way but it was worth it. Good job done, thank you.

P.S. the meal was wonderful, made our day. Very well worth it all round."


Mercedes Truck
SP Hussey - Peterborough - 3/10/05


Positive feedback for Alloy wheel refurbishment "N/S front Alloy wheel scuffed. Good repair, very pleased with the result.

Would use Clean Image again and recommend to friends."

Vauxhall Signum
L J Hagerty - Hutton - 7/10/05


Toyota MR2

Positive feedback for valeting "Excellent, the car looks like new.

I would recommend this service to anyone."


W Kelly - Chelmsford - 12/10/05


Positive feedback for Alloy wheel refurbishment "Cracking service & job - T.Wells "

Note - So glad he didn't sign 'Disgusted of Tumbridge wells'.

Paul Langham - Tumbridge Wells - 13/10/05


Positive feedback for auto detailing "Explanation about the service was very good.

Sean - very helpful.

Result - I was very pleased with the service. My car looked like new!

Just a little disappointed that the upholstery and the boot were still very wet.

Overall opinion - Excellent service. I will definitely recommend Clean Image to my friends.

I will return in the future.
Many thanks Sean! "


Ford Fiesta Ghia
Mrs Joyce - Billericay - 24/10/05



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