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"There is no need to decide now, we will advise the best service to suit your needs"

You don't need to sit in front of the computer trying to compare our valet service trying to decide what is best for you. Our menu may seem a bit complicated but it is designed to be flexible so that you have the valet services which are right for you, no more, no less.

"We'll take good care of you!"

Our appraisal system

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Our friendly and experienced staff are always willing to help and can advise you as to the best valet services to suit your needs.

When you bring your car to us, we will ask you to explain exactly why you want your car valeted (or repaired), it may be that you are selling your car, it may be that you have dull paintwork. Once we know what it is you are trying to achieve, we will appraise your vehicle using our detailed appraisal check-sheet. We will identify areas of concern and tailor our valeting and smart repair services to suit your needs and your budget.

It is often the case that our customers actually need less than they think they need. If you think that you need a Silver Valet, but our staff think you only need a Bronze Valet with some Extras, they will tell you. Our system also covers our Smart Repair - we can often make you savings by recommending a range of solutions.

"We don't want you wasting money
on services you don't need,
any more than you do!"

As we appraise your car with you, we use an appraisal sheet - the valeter will tick the boxes of the services he recommends, and then will tick the boxes of the services that you actually choose. He will also note down any special instructions you may have - the valeter who does the appraisal will be the valeter who valets your car and oversees repairs, this minimizes break-downs in communication and any confusion.
Once you have decided on the right services for you, the valeter will be able to add up the services and give you an exact price - this is the price you sign and agree on, and this is the price we charge. In the event that we think that there should be any changes to this agreement, we will phone you to discuss it.
Learn More about booking in your car, collection and pricing.

We also offer a free pre-appraisal service - pop in and see us and we will Give you free advice.

Win-Win Policy

We operate a win-win policy, this means that we will never sell you more than you need, and we will only ever charge what we quote. If our customers are happy, they come back again and that makes us happy, everybody wins, this is our aim.

When you have a valet appraisal, ask to see our Win-win Policy. [link]

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