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Surprisingly few of our customers come to us just because their car 'needs a good clean'. Many beat a path to our door to remedy a specific problem... this may be because during the summer holidays, the kid have made a big mess. Or it may be because their paintwork is faded and dull. Others may have had accidents with paint, ink, Ribena, and other things that stain, or nasty substances which cause a stink. Whatever the problem, we have a service to solve it. To make things easier, we have split our range of service into two main groups, interior and exterior:-

Exterior Valeting

Interior Valeting


Paint Sealants - Intro

There are many things which can ruin you paintwork, UV radiation, road salts, acid rain and industrial fallout. Paint glaze sealants provide a tough plastic based coating with shields your paintwork against all but the harshest of hazards. [more]

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