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Bumper Scuff Repair

Small Area Respray

It takes just half a day!

Avoid making an insurance claim.

By respraying only the damaged area, and not repainting whole body panels, Small Area Respray is the ideal solution to scrapes, scratches, scuffs and dents on plastic bumpers and other small body damage which doesn't require panel replacement. Small Area Resprays are very cost effective and in most cases cheaper than the cost of insurance excess. T "I highly recommend New Again"


Great Value Prices on Small Area Resprays

...and we will not charge for scuffs we are unable to repair:

Single Panel Repair (up to the size of a rugby ball) £129.00
Repair & a half (Bigger than rugby ball, or including a rumble strip/feature panel) £195.00
~ alternatively, you may find that your scuff isn't as bad as you thought. Often much of what you see is paint transfer which cleans off, making a Cosmetic Repair a viable alternative. From only
Three Year Guarantee on Scuff Repairs.
We only use the highest quality materials, applied after thorough preparation of the surface. That's why our repairs are guaranteed for three years against flaking, crazing, staining, yellowing, fading and discolouration.

Credit Cards
Win-Win Policy

Money-Back Guarantee!

Some Small Area Repairs are difficult to do - and we may not be able to get them 100% [more]Smart Repair Article. But we are willing to try if you will let us! If we can make a 95% improvement, but you feel that you just can't live with with the imperfection, and need a full car body repair, then we will give your money back - all you have to do is show us proof that you had a body shop repair within 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

Have you scuffed a leased car?

There are 5 questions you should ask your lease company. [more]Returning a lease car.

NOTE: All repairs are subject to quotation. Panels with feature inserts, textured rumble strips, fog light fitting, etc, may be counted as one and a half repair. Bi-colour panels counted as two panels. Prices for scuffs/scratch across multiple panels usually range from £127.50+vat to £170.00+vat.

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Positive feedback for Bumper Scuff Repair

"Smart Repair and dents removed from my car - now I know why it's called smart repair!

I never thought it would turn out as good as it did - I was quoted 3 times as much at the main dealers."

Citroen Xava K. Baslin - 09/01/06
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Photo Tips - Try to get one good close up of any damaged area, and then one shot which clearly shows the location... try and get in the nearest 'landmark' like a wheel arch or headlamp. When taking photos of dents, try taking them from a distance and zooming in. Use the reflection of a wall or fence to help show the dents. If your camera has problem focusing on chips or scratches, stick a piece of tape next to the damaged area and focus in on that, this will also help us get an idea of scale. When sending us photos of wheels, send us examples of the worst of the damage and one full picture of the face of the wheel so we can see what kind of finish it has.

The more information we have, the easier it is to answer! So you can include information such as the age of your car, and even your location - after all we might be able to recommend somebody closer.

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