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If you have a scratch on your car, we have a way to repair it. Some scratches are more serious than others, that's why we have many different methods for removing them, from simply polishing them out to a bodywork respray service.

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Polishing out Scratches

Light scratches that have only just scored the clear coat can be polished out using our paintwork correction service. This is ideal for the kind of light scratches your car picks up when washing and which show up in the sunlight on a bright day, but more obvious scratches can also be removed.

The kind of scratches you may get from bushes that overhang your driveway, or from a dog jumping up at your car door are often broad but not deep. Simply machine polishing these is often enough to remove them and is very cost effective.

Light scratches on a bumper caused by driving through a hedge. We removed these with a random orbital polisher [more] Buffing Scratches Removing scratches with a random orbital polisher

It is sometimes the case that although a scratch cannot be removed by this method, it can be much reduced so that it's far less noticeable -- the shallower ends may disappear reducing the length and and what is left is softened.

For more info, see our Paintwork Correction Service.

Single Panel Mini Buff


First Single Panel Repair £35.00
Second Panel Repair £23.50
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Car Scratch Removal Video.See a video demonstration of Key Scratch Removal.
This car had scratches all down one side although the film only shows us working on the rear quarter. Although the results were not 100% perfect in this case, they were satisfactory when weighed against the alternative which would be to repaint the whole side of the car.
Polishing out a car scratch.'Don't worry,
it'll polish out!'

The scratch on this car would significantly reduce the resale value, cost in end-of-lease recharges or for bodyshop repair would run into hundreds of pounds. Our prices for polishing out a scratch are just a fraction of this.
Scratches on a BMW

These scratches are broad but fairly light, we removed these with Wet Sanding. [more] Wet Sanding Wet Sanding Article.

Polishing out scratches.

After finely sanding down, the area is then machine polished again.

Paintwork Correction.

Paintwork CorrectionSwirl Marks Take a look at some examples of our paintwork correction service. - we pride ourselves that we can make a car shinier than when it left the showroom. Removing scratches is part of this.

Wet Sanding

For more serious scratches which still haven't penetrated the 'clear coat' (otherwise known as lacquer) we can still polish out the scratches using a technique known as wet sanding.

If we were just to machine polish the scratches shown in the photo (right) we would end up with ridges in the paintwork. Although the panels would be highly polished, you would still see a rippled surface when viewed from certain angles. The answer it to lower the surface by sanding quite a large area down with very fine emery paper, and then buffing it to a high gloss again.

This highly skilled technique is highly effective for removing scratches and etching from bird droppings. You can see more about this in our Wet Sanding Article.

For more info, see our Paintwork Correction Service.

Wet Sanding / Paint Correction


First 14" area (football size) £30.00
Second 14" area £25.00
First Whole Body Panel £75.00
Second Whole Body Panel £23.50
First Large Panel (bonnet, roof) £100.00
Second Larger Panel £75.00
Whole Car £400-£650 +vat + valet [more] Please enquire as we offer deals and may be cheaper at certain times of year.

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Wet sanding Bird dropping marks.See a video demonstration of wet sanding bird mess etching.
On a hot day, bird dropping can etch your car in minutes, literally eating into the paintwork. If your paintwork does become etched the marks can often be removed with wet sanding. A thin layer of paint is sanded away and then the area is repolished.
Three Year Guarantee on Scuff Repairs.

Our Money Back Guarantee!

We can't guarantee that we can remove all scratches -- in fact, we'll often tell you before hand that we'll only be able to make an improvement. What we can guarantee is that you'll be satisfied with the results. Before you go and have a car body repair (a respray of the panel), give us a go. If you just can't live with the results, then go and have the body shop repair, and we'll refund your money upon proof of purchase. Furthermore, all our repairs are guaranteed for three years.

You really don't have anything to lose!

Car Scratch Scratch Repair Review - Autocar magazine.

This left hand end of this key scratch was painted in, while the right hand end polished out giving an estimated 85% improvement. Although not an invisible repair by any means, the alternative would been far more costly. [more] Key Scratch Removal Article for Autocar Magazine.

Scratch Repair

The cost of a body shop respray on this panel would outweigh the cost of devaluation caused by the scratch. A touch-in is a sensible alternative.

Deep scratches on a Ford Focus.

Although these scratches are very deep, many people would choose the option of touching them in as they are not a very visible area.

Cosmetic Repair

Some scratches are too deep to buff out with a machine polisher in which case the only way to get a perfect repair would be to repaint the panel. However, a cosmetic repair can be a suitable compromise.

Scratches are not always even in depth, it's often the case that a scratch barely marks the clear coat at one end, but is through to the primer at the other end. In these cases it's often possible to completely remove a large portion of the scratch, another portion being greatly reduced, leaving just a very small area of broken paintwork. Many people would decide that the remaining damage wouldn't warrant the expenditure of repainting the whole panel, in which case touching/filling in with paint is a welcome alternative. The option is yours.

It's often the case that scratches appear low down on the car's sills and valances. And although the scratches are quite serious, you have to either be on your hands and knees to see them, or standing quite far from the car. In such cases, a cosmetic repair is often a suitable fix.

Ultimately, your choice of repair technique for deep scratches will come down to economic viability. Scratches will greatly devalue a car, but the devaluation is scaleable in relation to the residual value of the car and the extent of the damage, and repair costs are greater or lesser in relation to their position on the car. For a long key scratch across the bonnet of a 2 year old Porsche, a body shop respray would always be recommended. But for a two inch scratch on the door of a 6 year old Jeep Cherokee, a cosmetic solution may be wise. For more info, see our Cosmetic Repair Service.

Cosmetic Repair


First Single Panel Repair £30.60 *
Second Panel Repair £25.56 *
*Price excludes the cost of paint - Exact match £18.00, Close match £5.99. Free with a Smart Repair of if you bring your own.
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Scratches on a Focus Bumper.

These scratches were repaired using a Small Area Respray. See the photos on our main page [more] Bumper Scuffs - Smart Repair Page.

Fixing scratches on a bumper.

Scratches and scuffs can be fixed with Small-Medium Area Repair Techniques. Smart repair is very effective without the need for repainting whole panels.

Scuffs and Smart Repair

The very best way to fix a scratch that has penetrated the paintwork is to repaint the afflicted area. Unfortunately, the larger the area that needs painting, the more expensive this is. Sometimes the only solution is to paint a large area, the reason for this is explained in this article Smart Repair, body shop Repair, and why we ask you to send us photos!, but luckily, many of the more common kinds of scratches end up in places such as the corners of bumpers. These can often be repaired by respraying just the local area.

For more info, see our Bumper Scuff Service.

Bumper Scrape Repairs


Single Panel Repair £120.00
+ Half Repair [?] Repair and a half
What is a Repair and a Half?
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Ask the experts - Upload a photo and get the opinion of a expert technician.

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body shop Repair

Sometimes the only option for repairing scratches is a car body repair and paint. Although we don't have our own body shop, if you are brining your cur to us to have other work, this is something we can have done for you. We'll use only the best spay shops and ensure the work is carried out to the highest standard.

How to remove car scratches - D.I.Y. Scratch Removal

There are several methods for DIY scratch repair, but we must urge that you exercise caution as many of the methods for polishing out scratches use abrasive products which if used in excess can cause more damage. The quality of some of the advice given on the internet is dubious to say the least... as always, if in doubt, feel free to ask us.

Polishing Scratches

It is possible to polish out some light scratches and there are a number of Kits and Scratch Remover products on the market. The effectiveness of these products depends much more on the scratch than the product -- if it is a deep scratch, chances are that it won't polish out and rubbing harder will only mean that you polish through the paintwork! The other problem is that these products don't work by filling the scratch, they work because abrasives reduce down the area around the scratch. What can happen with broad scratches is that your abrasive is removing paint from within the scratch, so you don't actually get anywhere except closer to the primer.

The third problem we have heard of is that because these products use coarse abrasives, they leave the polished are looking dull and scratched. This is easy to fix, you just finish the area with a finer polish.

We recommend that you start off with a mild product like T-Cut. Shake well, and put some onto a damp sponge and then rub firmly (not too hard!) and then wipe off straight away and see if it has made any difference. If it has, you can keep going. But if this isn't doing the job you can used one of the Scratch Remover products like Scratch-X. Follow the manufacture's instructions and take care never to rub too hard. And we recommend following up with a fine polish/wax.

Colour Wax and Crayons

Colour wax can actually be amazingly effective for covering up scratches... but it is just a cover-up. Up close it won't look so good and after a week the scratches will be back. Pretty much is the same for the trick where you use coloured children's crayons -- this is not a tip that comes highly recommended.

Touch-up paint.

In most cases, if a scratch is bad enough to concern you, then it's likely that the way to deal with it is to repaint the area. If you don't fancy having a respray or smart repair, then the other option it to paint the scratch in with a touch-up pencil - You can get a colour coded repair kit from Halfords. In our opinion, the only way to do this is to just fill the scratch with a fine brush or syringe. There are some articles on the internet recommending that you mask out the area and spray it, some even recommend that you use filler and primer like a miniaturized body shop repair. What this does is greatly increase the area of repair and you will certainly end up with a repair which is far more noticeable than the original damage. And repairs like this are far harder to put right again, especially if you used sandpaper.

By far the best way to touch in a scratch it to do it exactly the same way you would a stone chip, you can read about how to do this in our Stone Chip Article.

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Advice on Other Scratches...

Scratches in other places on your car can often be dealt with in similar ways to those mentioned above, either with DIY or professional techniques.

Scratches on alloy wheels can sometimes be dealt with in exactly the same way as scratches on bodywork. A DIY scratch repair is possible using silver paint.

Scratches in Leather and interior trim can also be repaired, but require specialist skills and materials to do so. As do scratch and scuff repairs on exterior plastics.

Scratches on glass can also be repaired by polishing. However it causes a 'fish eye' effect in the glass which on windows many people consider to be worse than a minor scratch. So although some glass companies will do it, they are very few and far between. Scratches on glass windows are usually caused by people wearing diamond rings trying to de-mist windscreens with the back of their hand.

Scratches on lights can sometimes be polished out. It is possible to polish them out of lights and light covers if they are plastic. If they are glass, see above.

Scratches on Chrome. Unfortunately there is no answer to repairing chrome, and no cost effective way to re-chrome, even for faux chrome and chrome-like plastic finishes. The only solution is a replacement part.

Ask the Experts
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We have assembled a panel of experts from across the industry with a combined experience of over 200 years. You can find out about the experts here, and read the code of conduct they follow here.

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IF YOU DON'T HEAR FROM US AFTER A COUPLE OF DAYS... it may because our email to you ended up in your spam filter or was blocked by your mail server. You can always look on our Q&A section to see if your answer is there. We don't work Sundays or Bank Holidays, and it can take us a couple of days to catch up with enquiries at the beginning of the week. If you are in a hurry, you can always give us a call.

If you don't have a photo don't worry, you can still send us your question, just be aware that we may not be able to give you a good answer if we can't see what we are being asked about. If you can't supply a photo, please give us a description. You can also send us your photos and questions even if you have no intention of using our services. We don't mind at all!

Photo Tips - Try to get one good close up of any damaged area, and then one shot which clearly shows the location... try and get in the nearest 'landmark' like a wheel arch or headlamp. When taking photos of dents, try taking them from a distance and zooming in. Use the reflection of a wall or fence to help show the dents. If your camera has problem focusing on chips or scratches, stick a piece of tape next to the damaged area and focus in on that, this will also help us get an idea of scale. When sending us photos of wheels, send us examples of the worst of the damage and one full picture of the face of the wheel so we can see what kind of finish it has.

The more information we have, the easier it is to answer! So you can include information such as the age of your car, and even your location - after all we might be able to recommend somebody closer.

Posting Links Please avoid posting links to photos, it causes us problems! If you would like to show us a page on another website, please just paste in the URL address -- DO NOT use HTML or BB script to try and make it an active link, if you do your message will be rejected by our spam filter.

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