Pre-Sales Preparation Service

Cars in good condition
sell quickly and
for more money

The only people who what to buy a car which needs attention are those looking for a bargain. That's why car dealers prepare cars for sale, because people want cars they can just drive away.

Just bring the car to us and we can take care of everything. We know which of our services will help you sell your car quickly, and which will increase it's value. Our expert team have one brief: to maximize the value of your car, so that every pound spent must raise the value by three! We will advise you which services are worth doing, which are essential, and which would be a waste.

Smart Repair
Smart Repair

Once we have agreed with you which services you require, just leave the car with us and we will take care of all the work. In the rare instances where we can't do all the work, we will point you in the direction of a skilled craftsman who can.

Then all you have to do is advertise the car and make the sale... and we even help you to do that by offering advice with our online guide.

We recommend that you have your car valued before coming to see us so that you know how much it is worth in current condition, and how much it could be worth.

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...and tell us about your requirements.

Your advisor will help you to put together a package which suites your needs, and then oversee the project from start to finish.


5 things which increase the value of a car:

"Whatever you do, get any minor repairs to paint and trim done. Repairs can be done at the point of sale and can represent excellent value for money. Typically expect to get back around three times [what you spend on repairs in resale value]." Simon Henstock - Director British Car Auctions

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment - The best way to make a dramatic difference to the appearance of your car it to refurbish tatty and scuffed wheels. Bright shiny new wheels make the whole car look new, this is especially true of sporty saloons and two-seaters. The effect cannot be underestimated!

Bumper Scuff Repair - Very many cars will have parking scuffs on the corners. On most cars this is a fairly minor repair that doesn't need a respray at the body shop.

Paintless Dent Repair - Removing all the door dings can make a huge difference. Once your car is polished and sitting in the sun waiting to be sold, all the dents will stick out like a sore thumb. Removing them will make the car look well cared for and years younger. As with alloy wheel refurbishment, getting this done is essential on cars that rely on their looks.

Leather Refinishing - Even fairly new cars can be let down by a worn leather driver's seat. It's usually the upright edge nearest the door that wears first, called the bolster, followed by the leading edge of the base. This kind of damage greatly decreases the value of the car -- it's where the new owner will be sitting, so make it like new and they will feel like it's a new car.

Odour Removal - If you smoke, have pets, spend a lot of time in your car, or if it has got damp at some point, it may benefit from our odour removal service. Unfortunately, we can't give your car that new-car-smell, but we can remove any unpleasant niffs and replace them with something fresh and appealing.


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