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We are changing our name to 'New Again'

Clean Image was established in early 1987 as a car valeting company and for a number of years cleaned cars for the trade and public alike. But over the years the nature of our business has changed greatly and the new name was chosen to better reflect what it is that we do now... we take cars and make them like 'new again'.

Fairly early in the company's history, we began specializing in paint sealants to help our customers protect their cars and better maintain them during the time they owned them. But the real change in our business came when we recognized that our trade customers were having cars valeted in order to make more money when they sold them. This caused us to question the way we see ourselves and the way our customers view our role in the industry -- our aim should not be to 'clean' cars, but instead to maximize and maintain their value.

As a result of this change of perspective, the last few years have seen us build our services around the following demands:-

  • Increasing vehicle value for people selling their cars
  • Modern Car Renovation - typically taking a car which is 8 years old and making it look and feel like new again.
  • Crisis Clean-up - for floods, fires, overspray concrete splatter removal, and spillages of paint, fuels, foods, drinks, urine and blood.
  • Lease car preparation for return to help minimize the cost of refurbishment recharges.
  • Protection - special coatings to protect appearance and value while make maintenance easier.

Although it is the case that many people still come to us and ask us to 'clean' or 'valet' their car, we identified that only a tiny minority do so just because they want it clean. The vast majority are actually bringing their car to us for a reason, and it usually comes down to them making their money go further. So it makes sense for us to view our services as ones that save our customers money rather than one that cleans cars, thus we aim to ensure that every pound spent with us saves or earns you three.

New Logo

As well as a new name which better reflects what we do, we have also changed our logo to read "Auto Reconditioning Centre" instead of "Car Valeting Centre" to take into account the inclusion of Smart Repair Services. We have applied and been granted trademark status for our distinctive logo.

During 2008-9 we will be making the gradual transition from Clean Image to New Again, during which time we will be trading under both names. A new more streamlined website is on the way, although we will be updating this one for the foreseeable future.




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