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 - Car 288

(288) Hi I was wondering if it is possible to repair a dash which has been damaged by passenger airbag deployment. The airbag has been deployed through a flap in the dash. The Flap can be put back but there is breakage around the flap and surrounding area... [more]

 - Car 2382

(2382) I need a burn on my drivers seat repairing as I am selling my car. Could you please have a look at the photos attached and provide me with a quote? I am based in London N4. Thanks very much, I look forward to hearing from you... [more]

 - Car 3229

(3229) hi i have a cigarette burn inbetween my 2 rear seats and i was just wondering if this would be able to get fixed and how much this would cost..? i am currently living in the upminster area. i have also attached photos... [more]

 - Car 3451

(3451) Hello, I live in stevenage SG1 4SD. there has been people smoking in my car. there are a few burns that if possible be repaired. Both driver and passenger seats need doing. The passenger is the worst as theres a big burn on the seat and 2 on the headrest... [more]

 - Car 3101

(3101) Can the damage to the door trim be repaired. I work in Rochester Kent Model: Renault megane 1.9 Dci Fap 2007 [more]

 - Car 3063

(3063) Hi My car seat appears to be a little loose, I notice it when I accelerate it leans back slightly, I think it's just the base but it may be the back rest too I'm not sure, I've had a look and there... [more]

 - Car 4658

(4658) I have recently bought a 2001 Mercedes SLK that has a couple of issues I would like fixed. One is a hole in the seat leather and the other is an odd problem with the carpet by the drivers feet (see attached pictures)... [more]

 - Car 2414

(2414) Based in a very wet North Devon I am replacing the interior carpet as I do up my old prodject car.- Alot of the carpet is glued to the floor and sides of the interior, although the carpet is easily... [more]

 - Car 4366

(4366) I have attached a few photos. The rear car seat has been slashed accidentally with a knife. The cut is not right the way through the material. Can you please give me an estimate to repair this? Many... [more]

 - Car 1583

(1583) The o/s/r door card has a small tear/hole in the fabric about 12mm long x 10mm wide. Can you advise if it is possible to repair and approximately how much it would cost. Thanks I live near Eastbourne... [more]

Viewing 1 to 10 of 643 questions.


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Photo Tips - Try to get one good close up of any damaged area, and then one shot which clearly shows the location... try and get in the nearest 'landmark' like a wheel arch or headlamp. When taking photos of dents, try taking them from a distance and zooming in. Use the reflection of a wall or fence to help show the dents. If your camera has problem focusing on chips or scratches, stick a piece of tape next to the damaged area and focus in on that, this will also help us get an idea of scale. When sending us photos of wheels, send us examples of the worst of the damage and one full picture of the face of the wheel so we can see what kind of finish it has.

The more information we have, the easier it is to answer! So you can include information such as the age of your car, and even your location - after all we might be able to recommend somebody closer.

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