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 - Car 927

(927) Hi! I took my BMW Z3 to you some time ago for repair on a small dent on the bonnet - which you did a brilliant job on!. Many thanks for that. Unfortunately, since having the car and running it through hand car washes and all that I am horrified to see the condition of the hood deteriorate, namely horrible white spots appearing on it, a bit of moss along with a little bit of fraying around on corner of the plastic screen... [more]

 - Car 2085

(2085) How can I repair a small hole in my vinyl roof.It's near the rear passenger window on the driver's side and seems to be sited where the mechanism for operating the opening/closing of the roof. Model:... [more]

 - Car 2517

(2517) Hi, I'm in watford Herts. There is a small worn patch approx 2cm long and 1/2 cm wide on the fabric roof right above part of the roof frame, is this repairable? I want the hood cleaned and rear window polished but not much point if the hood will have to be replaced... [more]

 - Car 1201

(1201) Please advise the cost to clean, colour and reproof the hood. Alternatively do you sell the dye and reproof for DIY as my time is limited. Model: Daimler Barker Special Sports [more]

 - Car 1836

(1836) Took my hood down yesterday for the first time this year and when putting it back up noticed a small crack (approx 4") in the plastic rear view window which also has scratch marks on it. Can it be repaired ? Any advice would be welcome... [more]

 - Car 2978

(2978) hi i tried to do a renovo reviver , i followed the instructions for cleaning etc and applied renovo reviver when hood had dried off it is slightly patchy ,i spoke to renovo they said wash it off so i... [more]

 - Car 4375

(4375) hi guys, i have a ford streetka just purchased and it has two small tears in the side of the hood, can you recommend anything to do with this, the rest of the hood has cleaned up very well, the rear screen will need machine polishing, can you tell me what buffer pad you use for this too, i was thinking of obtaining a cloth badge to cover these small marks as it is a shame to repalce the hoos altogether, i have included imager for you to see... [more]

 - Car 2791

(2791) Can you please give me a cost to clean the hood of a boxster? It is navy blue in colour but has lime staining on it which needs to be removed across the top panels. I am in Loughton in Essex so wondered if you have any call out service... [more]

 - Car 1734

(1734) Last month i purchased a saab convertible from dealer, was told that a new roof had been fitted and did not work due to either a cheap or expensive (250) fault. He said it could be due to a micro switch that controls the power hood in the boot needing replacing or the motor that controls the hood... [more]

 - Car 4306

(4306) I'm in Southampton & want to know how much it'd cost for the plastic rear windscreen on my convertible roof to be repaired inc of VAT, parts & fitting. I've found a quote on the internet for £150 all... [more]

Viewing 11 to 20 of 139 questions.


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