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Hi, I have a ford focus 2005 that has just had a new engine in and the fabric seats are looking worn and flat. are you able to refresh them? I am in Colchester Model: ford focus 2005 [more]

Hello again New Again You guys did the respray of my then Toyota MR2, back in 2013. I now have a much larger car (2+2 - woo!) cabriolet but which has varying levels of issues. The below is a Google Drive link to about 20+ photos highlighting: Outer PU with damage on both sides Rubber seal shrinkage/replacement Front bumper stuffs Rear o/s wheel arch paint crack 5cms Driver's door - dropped, rust bubble, edge/lip has paint damage/cracks Passenger door - dent close to wing mirror Wing mirrors paint pitted Headlight shrouds cracked near the screw holes Rear bumper - lacquer has peeling Interior - seat leather fronts, piping and handbrake need work I'm sure there are other things that will need doing in time, but my goal for the interim is to get the side PU/rocker panels looking a lot better... [more]

The car is at Bassingbourn; it has excellent cloth seats, with a couple of very small tears which are at risk of spreading. I need them stitched, or invisibly mended. Can do? Model: NSU Ro80 [more]

My Mini roof is looking a bit shabby and the water just soaks into it when it rains (no beading!). I'd really like to get it washed and re-proofed as soon as possible. I do have concerns about the rubber seal where the soft top joins the car, though... [more]

Hi I have 2 dents and 2 scratches I want repaired as I am giving car to my mum. Can you let me know if you can do these and approx. cost Thanks Model: Chevrolet Lacetto [more]

Dear NewAgain, Not sure what kind of repair can be carried out on this scrap, dent damage to passenger side front and rear door. And lower sill? Best regards Model: Kia Picanto 2017 [more]

A neighbor reversed into our car last night leaving damage on the rear wheel arch and bumper. We live near canning town primarily but travel to Stanford Le Hope frequently. I would appreciate a quote to fix the damage... [more]

Hello there I was just wondering, I see you have car storage and I live just across the road in bishop Road. Do you or would you happen to have like a day parking scheme or anything like that? I work at the hospital along with my partner and have just had our parking permit application denied as apparently the flats aren't registered as original... [more]

Hi, I have tried phoning but it's been engaged. Just wondered if I can pick up my car Tuesday or wed am and how much the bill is? The Honda Civic that's going back to lease company on thurs Thanks Sarah... [more]

Hi, Please can you advise if you are able to repair, and what the estimated cost would be, the scratches on the near side panels of my car. Three areas close to each other as you can see in the pictures... [more]

I live in Leigh on sea and wish to have the underside of my vehicle steam cleaned or what ever method you use-Do you offer this facility ? Thanking you Model: Z3 2.8 [more]

Hi there, I'm living near Canning Town, London. I got a couple of scratches / scuffs on my Honda Jazz over the years and I would like to have an estimate on how much it will cost me to repair them individually or all together... [more]


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