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Hi, My car was recently involved in an arson attack and as a result the back of the interior of the car has suffered burn damage. I have included 3 photos of the damage. I was just wondering if this is something you deal with? The exterior of the car seems fine and the front dashboard area is undamaged from the fire (other than from the smoke)... [more]

2 tiles cam off the roof 3 storeys up hitting the rear pillar and drivers door, also scuffing the drivers glass. I'm looking for a SMART repair to straighten it back up and make a good car look good again... [more]

Hi, The car is going back to LEX leasing on 14/12/17. Would you please quote me on the scratches in the attached photos and can the work be completed by close of business on 13/12/17. Thank you, Pete... [more]

Both door trim panels are loose and rattle. Also, the door windows tilt and jam when going up/down. Is this something you would handle? Thanks Malcolm Reid Danbury Model: Ford Puma [more]

We found a small scuff and dent on our passenger side door when parked at a car park. We work just by you on waterloo lane, is this something we could drop off you when at work one day? Many thanks Duncan Model:... [more]

Metallic Cavansite Blue Rear offside wheel arch, scraped and slightly dented. How much to repair and how long will you need the car?? Model: Mercedes E220 Bluetec [more]

I had a accident and my N/S/R Airbag deployed. Model: bmw e39 m5 [more]

I have attached a picture showing the damage and this does not look as though it has touched the plastic of the bumper only removed the paint. There are two scratches in the lacquer just above my fingers in the picture (not really visible in the picture)... [more]

Hi, Can you please quote to repair two small areas of damage on a rear bumper, The first one is a small scratch that goes through the lacquer and the top layer of the paint. The scratch is about 20mm long... [more]

Scratch on bumper as per the photo..about 5 cm long Model: Volvo V40 [more]

hello, some of the seams in the headlining of the humber are becoming unstitched. It this something you could repair or is a replacement headliner a better idea? Any idea of cost appreciated too! Thanks steve Model:... [more]

Can you fix my car, no glass in windscreen Model: Tesla Model X [more]


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