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Davide started repairing and repainting cars while working in his father's Auto Electrical business. Finding that he much preferred paint to wires, he went to the Colchester Institute attaining City & Guilds accreditation in vehicle repairs and vehicle painting.

In 1996, before he was old enough to drive, Davide began restoring a 1973 Volkswagen Type 3 Fastback, which he completed in 2000. Current restorations include a Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II, a Ferrari 348 Spider, a Porsche Carrera Coupe and a Maserati Indi. This is just a sideline that satisfies his passion for top marques, but day-to-day he can be found involved with bodywork repairs on everyday cars like Fords and Vauxhalls.


Answers and prices by Davide Morena of Kraftwork

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(3078) I have just bought a car. There are 5 areas of damage on my car:- 1) Paint scuffed on front bumper 2) Dent on front wheel arch (driver's side) 3) Minor paint damage on rear bumper 4) Scratch on rear... [more]

(2997) Hi I live in France, but visit the UK quite often and I have a feeling this will be cheaper to fix in the UK (anywhere is OK). I basically slid this car (twice - doh!) into my other car on a steep icy driveway... [more]

(2834) how much will it cost to repair Model: renault grand scenic [more]

(2825) I live in central Chelmsford, I have scraped the left rear side of my car coming down the ramp of a car park causing a dent in the rear wheel arch with loss of paintwork full thickness on the wheel arch, plus scratches on the car door... [more]

(2818) Had a bump at a roundabout with a Vauxhall Astra, just a clip really. Was wondering how much it would cost to fix this (together and separate prices) and what would actually need done? On first look it appeared that it was scratched but I think it's actually mostly the paint from my car... [more]

(2795) Hello I'm based in Acton in London and work in Richmond, Surrey. I cracked the bumper of my Clio by reversing into a wall. Could you give me a quote for repair? It doesn't look like the crack goes all the way through the bumper but I'm worried it'll get worse quickly! Apologies for the quality of the pics, the crack is on the top of the bumper where the button to open the boot is, with a scuff on the edge of the bumper... [more]

(2742) We live in Maidstone, Kent Junction 5 M20. Rear bumper damage as per picture Model: Jaguar x type estate [more]

(2502) What would be the cost to repair the damage as per the photos. Scratch/crease to passanger side doors and wheel arch scuff and scratch (all same side). Thanks David Model: bmw 525d [more]

(2309) How much you will charge to repair this ? I want to do it at my personal expense. Model: Audi A3 56 Reg [more]

(2153) please supply price on 2 jobs 1. small dent (no scratch) on drivers door in swage line. 2. Paint scrap (no dent) on rear bumper. 3 x panels effected I am in London SW12 thankyou Model:... [more]

Viewing 1 to 10 of 44 questions.


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