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Dear Sir/Madam 
My silver RX8 has several damaged areas. My main concern is the scuffed right rear colour-matched silver plastic bumper as seen in the attached pictures. It also has a dent and scratch in the dark grey bumper (dent on the left, scratch above the centre fog light). Can these be SMART repaired and if so, what is the likely cost? Many thanks for your advice.

DM  (Surrey)

Model: Mazda RX8

D M - Share - 27/02/2009 19:34:45

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Sorry for the delay in answering your question, we had to confirm we could do your car. Normally the two smart repairs would be easy, but some Mazda colours can be difficult to do as they are often high pearl. Anyway we have confirmed we can do your car. The cost of the two repairs will be £85 plus vat each. We could do a lease return inspection on the same day to insure you don't get charged for something you may have missed. My advice is to follow our six step guide on this page. There's an offer on at the moment. And you can have our car for £15 all in for the same day.

Kind Regards
 The New Again Team

Update: The work was carried out on this vehicle and Mr Matthews sent us a testimony:-


Positive feedback for a Lease Return Inspection
Removing the dents on the door of the RX8

"Hello guys

Just wanted to feedback as I couldn't take your call while I was abroad. I didn't get charged a penny for any damage on the car although they did try and sting me for £3800 for returning the car a year early. This was their clerical error and soon sorted though!

Many thanks for a job well done.

Mazda RX8 Dan Matthews - Surrey - 23/04/09

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