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Hi there I have some pretty stubborn overspray left over from some work done on my bumber 3 weeks ago . I have tried to claybar it but with little progress . 

Just looking for a quote on resolving the issue professionally .

I'm based in Woodford bridge (Ig88hx) 

Model: Bmw 4 series 

George w - Share - 18/09/2017 19:49:40

More local than you think
Just 54 minutes from Brightlingsea!
We are well worth the journey!


Hello George thats i difficult one to estimate without having a good look at the car. We do have a more powerful clay. Then the car would need Buffing after. You may want to take it back to the bumper Repair people who did it. Or bring it here.

Best Regards

Answer supplied by Gary W.
of the New Again Team [profile]

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