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Hi, I have been experiencing water leakage into the boot, I cleaned and impregnated the soft top with BMW products, over the next couple of weeks there was no leaks even in downpours but it started to leak again. I dont think the aerosol which was supplied did a very good job so was wondering if you could advise a suitable reproofing product that can be applied by brush. all the seals have been replaced so water is entering through canvas. Thanks.

Model: BMW Cabriolet 330

Raymond S - Share - 08/10/2012 11:01:26

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Hi Mr. Steer

Thanks for your question

If your confident that its the canvas casing the water ingress, then there is no harm in reproofing the soft top. Our hood reproofing service proves popular throughout the year. We use Renovo products, which prove to be the best.

Best Regards

Answer supplied by Kieran Bass
of the New Again Team [profile]

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