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Paintwork Correction
 question photo. Paintwork Correction
 question photo. Paintwork Correction
 question photo. Paintwork Correction
 question photo.

Paintwork Correction
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We have made a booking on Saturday 2nd for a Nissan 350Z to have some paint chips corrected/sorted out.  (under the name of charlie stace & simon webb who paid the deposit)

One of your guys has asked us to send in some photos so you have an idea of what we are talking about, perhaps if you could give us a heads up on what costs we are looking at. 

We are coming from wokingham, berkshire, so we will aim to be with you for opening 8am.

Best regards,


Model: Nissan 350Z

Charlie S - Share - 29/03/2011 19:46:27

More local than you think
Just 39 minutes from Dagenham!
We are well worth the journey!


Charlie and Simon

Great pictures

You could spend somewhere between £50 to £100 or more or less if you wanted.

I'm looking forward accodating you both and your cars. Im a tiny bit worried about the results from stone chip repair as they won't be perfect, however we could try plan a and then decide if its plan b we wanted.

Here's a link to our direction finder thing.

So hopefully we can see the  new pictures showing the results.

You may want to have a read of our stone chip article.

I think you said you were bring the Nissan paint with you?  Please lt us know if you aren't as Mat our resident Smart Man is going to be on holiday so I may ask you to get us the paint code before you come. 

  We may have some wheels for your friend to see, but they are comming amd going and I havnt see the bookings for Saturday.

Have a good trip and we will have coffee or chocolale for you when we open.

See you then.

Best Regards

Answer supplied by Gary W.
of the New Again Team [profile]

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