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hi, the roof on my 944 is in a great condition other than the colour, can you change it from red to black,,

swanley , kent

Model: porsche 944 cab

dean j - Share - 29/06/2010 00:03:22

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I don't think its a very good idea.

We did do it once on a jaguar xk8.

We went from beage to black and although it did work, I wasnt overly empressed. We had to coat it lots of times to get an even finish and because of that, it felt as if it was a bit stiff and not as soft anymore. I don't think it was designed for a colour change. Renovo say  ...

Thank you for your recent Renovo enquiry.  It is possible to change the colour of your soft top from red to black using the Renovo Soft Top Reviver.  However the Soft Top Reviver was developed to bring back the original colour, not change the colour and consequently there are risks involved with this process. It is not reversible and can take more than the two recommended coats.  It is imperative that the top is cleaned thoroughly prior to applying the soft top reviver, using the Renovo Soft Top Canvas Cleaner.  A number of our customers have changed the colour of their fabric soft tops using this method and the feedback has always been positive.  Please view attached documents.  If you should have any further questions please feel free to contact us.

I would suggest you price up changing the roof. It may not be as expensive as you think. Have a look at the links below.

Gary from New Again

Best Regards

Answer supplied by Patrick Coghlan [profile]
of Renovo International

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