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I noticed a dent on my car. It is next to the rear wheel arch (see the photo). Can you please advise if it can be fixed using PDR.  Thank you.

Model: Audi A3

milan - Share - 27/01/2010 00:03:04

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Mr Milan brought  his Audi to us on Saturday from London and spent the morning in town with his partner.

The dent was on the near side rear Arch. One of the more difficult areas of a car to access and being so close to the edge and on a swage line made it that little bit more awkard to remove.

After 2 Hours of work the dent was finally removed with no signs of it ever being there, another fantastic example of Paintless Dent Removal.

Saving Mr Milan having to go down the more expensive repair and repainting route im sure made him very pleased as he planning on selling the car.

Look forwward to seeing you again

Kind Regards Arron


Best Regards

Answer supplied by Arron Shaw
of the New Again Team [profile]

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