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Dent Removal
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Dent Removal
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I am located in Rettendon, Chelmsford,
Car is an Audi A3 2007 Liquid Blue Metalic.
On passenger side front wing, just behind the wheel, there is a dent with slight crease, not that large, also slight scratching to paintwork. This happened in a car park, I can only assume it was swiped by another cars front bumper, red paint was transfered but this has polished off. The scratch continues slighty along the door but is not that noticeable. Can you do this and how much, if easier I can bring car to you to look at. 

Model: Audi A3 2007

Jacqui - Share - 23/01/2010 11:46:48

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I think there is a very good possibility that we can do your dent, the wings are usually easier to do, however I would suggest we need to piggyback your dent (this means book it in with one that we can do). Don't worry  we take care of this.  I would say that looking at your picture your dent would be about the size of a plum.  However, if it is smaller than a 50p, then your price would be lower.  We can have a look at it when it gets here, or you and of course call in, let us have a look at it and then decide if you want to book it in.  That would mean that you would need to come here twice.
The scratch may need to be done using either a buff or paint correction.  Have a look at this page, where you can find the prices. Then if you want to call and book it in?  Here's a link to the page where you can find directions and our telephone number.

Best Regards

Answer supplied by Gary W.
of the New Again Team [profile]

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