Aquaphobic coating
Rainex by Shell.  

Rain-x is a special coating for glass. Once coated the glass becomes extremely water repellent, meaning that rain water no matter how dirty, beads up and rolls of your windscreen, windows and headlights.

Rain-X ( Rainex) as seen repelling water on the rear screen of our courcesy car.

Rain-X gives better visibility by helping your glasswear stay clean and clear of water and is especially recommended for people who do lots of motorway miles. There are a range of products for glass cleaning, anti-misting, anti-frost, washer addatives etc.

JewelUltra Rainscreen is what Clean Images is using at the moment, a good alternative to Rain-x ( Rainex).NOTE: Due to supply problems, we switched to JewelUltra Rain-Screen as exterior rain repellant (although we are still using some other Rain-x products). This products is more than equal to Rainex and much easier to apply.

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