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The latest EU regulations say that because this website uses cookies, we have to have a privacy policy, so here it is:- We hate spam and don't use any 3rd party service which leads to it, we would kick them to the kurb quicker than you could say "Jack Flash". We certainly wouldn't collect and sell information about people who visit this site.

We should also offer information about how to delete cookies. Personaly I'd start by searching the internet for "Deleting cookies", or see the help files on your browser. What? Am I suposed to supply information of the workings of every browser, every mobile device, and keep all that information up to date? Dream on Europe!

Of course, we are also supposed to ask your permission before using cookies! Have you any idea how absurd that is? It means the internet would be a lot like this.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those anti-Europe types, but if they carry on wasting money passing directives like this, I will be. Luckily our Communications Minister has decided that we don't have to fully comply... just yet. Makes you despair doesn't it? ...as if business owners don't have enough to deal with.

Just for the record, our cookies set a session ID so that if upload a photo and send us a message, we know they came from the same person. We also track to see if you prefer to have the video panel expanded or collapsed and other stuff like that.

This page was last updated on Wed, 22 June, 2011
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