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Ford Mondeo

Corroded Ford wheel.

Here is another example, this time with a Ford wheel. You might be forgiven for thinking that the car this wheel belongs to is an 'old bucket', but it seems to be the case that corrosion can quickly set in on any wheel with a polished face. It's not at all to see this level of corrosion on wheels that are two years old and it can happen to just about any make or model. The weakness is that lacquer is sprayed directly onto the bare metal, so there is no primer to help it key or to inhibit corrosion, refurbishing them in the same manor gives the same weakness.

After wheel refurbishment.

In this next photo you can see that we have refurbished the wheel with a top quality etch primer, base coat of bright silver and a thick layer of lacquer -- we have no hesitation in guaranteeing this refurbishment for three years. As you can see this refurbishment has greatly enhanced the look of the wheels, greatly increasing the value of the car.

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