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The benefits of upholstery protection

    Stains and grubby marks on seats and carpets are guaranteed to devalue a car, but it also makes the car a less pleasant place to be. As we spend more and more time in our cars, it is inevitable that we will make them dirty, treading in soil and spilling food and drinks.

During the winter months our cars can become damp, inviting bacteria and mould to thrive. During the summer months we drive around with our windows open letting in the polluted air of our cities busy streets. Our car's interior also has to contend with UV radiation and extreme heat of the sun.

All this amounts to a constant attack on your cars fabric, plastic and leather.

Fabric Protection
Flouro-chemical coatings penetrate your fabric and adhere to each and every fibre, creating an invisible barrier with prevents dirt from sticking, and prevents the dyes in food and drink from staining. This makes your upholstery much easier to clean and prevents permanent stains and marks while dust and sticky marks are easily removed with a damp cloth.

These coatings also help protect against Ultraviolet light which causes your seats and carpets to fade.

Leather Upholstery Protection

Leather & vinyl protection
Supagard and Ultrashield offer protective coatings for vinyl and leather. These water based coatings create an invisible barrier which protects against staining, fading and cracking.



Sealants pay you back
Fabric and leather treatments protect against the things which cause your interior to age. Your car will remain looking newer for longer, meaning a higher resale value.


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