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Toughseal paint glaze sealant with PTFE

Toughseal is an acrylic - P.T.F.E. based sealant especially formulated for use on modern acrylic paintwork.

P.T.F.E. was invented to be used in the manufacture of machine parts for the chemical industry and is highly resistant to to all chemicals including acids. This means that Toughseal gives extra protection against the corrosive effects of bird dropping, acid rain, industrial fallout and rail dust.

Toughseal gives an exceptional high gloss shine to your cars paintwork and is low maintenance. Just wash your car with Toughseal's Wash & Gloss' shampoo maintains your cars appearance for up to five years.
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Toughseal is a two stage sealant, the first stage cleans and polishes to a high lustre while effectively removing all foreign impurities. Stage two is the sealant which bonds with the paintwork making a hard shiny water repellent and chemical resistant shell.

We recommend Toughseal for slightly older cars as the two stage system is ideal as the final step in paintwork restoration. And for cars that are exposed to raildust, industrial fallout and other environmental hazards.

Toughseal paint glaze sealant comes as part of a whole car protection system which includes fabric, vinyl and leather protectors. As an approved agent, we apply the system for you, all you have to do is wash the car with Wash & Gloss shampoo (also supplied). Toughseal also comes with a Five Year guarantee.

The revolutionary paint, leather, vinyl
& fabric protection system
These prices include full interior/exterior kit, manufacturers 5 year guarantee, and aftercare kit. There's no VAT to be added to our prices
Small £141.50
Medium £180.95
Executive £106.55
Large Exec./Small 4x4 £158.95
People Carrier/4x4 £180.95
Super Size P.O.A.
Up to 40% Lower than Dealership Prices!
Never wax your car again!



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