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Supaguard is the complete paint protection system for your car, featuring the proven and highly effective FabricGard and CarpetGard, ensuring your car is protected from unwanted dirt and grime both inside and out. The Supagard system comes to you as a complete paint sealant and fabric protection package, applied by the team at New Again, your approved Supagard agent.

Recommended by New Again as the ultimate in car paintwork protection for many years, Supaguard is recognised as the market leader by car dealerships across the UK, household names such as Jaguar, Nissan, Renault, Peugeot, Ford, Mitsubishi and Citroen.

Positive feedback for Supaguard Paint Sealant Protection
Supaguard Ford

"My car was treated with supaguard five years ago and has been looked after by New Again ever since.
I have been very pleased with the result. My next car will certainly be treated with Supaguard, everything just washes off it so easily!"

Ford Mondeo Brian Gadsby

Protect Your Car Paintwork Without The Need For Waxing

The recommended paint sealant for new and nearly new cars, Supaguard protects your car with a tough, smooth microfilm layer that means you don’t have to wax for the duration of your guarantee. Just apply the recommended Supaguard Shampoo to clean your car when it gets dirty, and no other maintenance is needed. You don’t have to worry about lengthy monthly applications or annual inspections to retain your protective sealant, we’re so confident in the lasting effects of Supagard we'll guarantee your paintwork coating for three years without all the hard work.

Paintwork that lasts - for less

Our prices for the complete Supaguard system are based on the size of your car, and include:

Supaguard Prices
Complete Protection for New
Nearly New Cars
  Normal Price
These prices include full interior/exterior kit, manufacturers 3 year guarantee, and Birdlime Neutralizer aftercare kit. There's no VAT to be added to our prices
Small £312.84
Medium £345.84
Executive £386.76
Large Exec./Small 4x4 £419.76
People Carrier/4x4 £442.20
Super Size P.O.A.
Guaranteed to keep your car looking new for longer
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5 ways to ensure you get a quality job

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Supagard on a 6 year old Toyota.
How good is Supagard? Part III
A near mint condition Toyota Rav4.
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Here's what our customers think of Supaguard:-

Positive feedback for Supaguard Paint Sealant Protection
Supaguard Volkswagen

"The car I bought two and a half years and 25,000 miles later, costing £6100 was given a full valet and Supaguard  paint sealant - £195.
It looked brand new. Now with just regular valeting its been sold for £3950 using the helpful guide on the website
...and it still looks good as new."

Volkswagen Passat Johnathan Hodgekins
Positive feedback for Supaguard Paint Sealant Protection
Mark with his newly valeted Audi A4 20T

"Friendly staff, very professional, my car came back looking fantastic.

Having a black car and working to keep it clean was very impractical to me therefore I had the Supaguard added, which turned out great.

Thanks guys,
See you again soon."

Audi A4 20T Mark Horskull - Epping - 14/04/05
Positive feedback for Supaguard Paint Sealant Protection

"My Vauxhall Vectra has had the Supaguard protection system applied to it's exterior and Interior and gets washed fairly regular.
Black cars are a nightmare to keep clean, for it to have the basic valet it would have at least one coat of polish this year.
When I returned to pick up the car it was gleaming and I could see my face in the paintwork, they even shined up the alloy wheels which were looking a little dull.

Great job Clean Image"

Vauxhall Vectra Mr P. Owers - Chelmsford- 5/06/05

We have hundreds of testimonies! Read more here

*Note - We do know we have spelt Supagard wrong on this page. Supaguard, Superguard and Supergard are common mis-spellings. Waxoyl 100+ is sold in the UK as Supagard 100+ So dont' worry... we will get it right stuff on your car!


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