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Checklist for Buying a Sealant from a Dealership.

A paint sealant seals your car’s paintwork, and therefore needs to be applied to every millimetre of paintwork. It is essential that the work is carried out with skill and precision and that enough sealant is applied and left to cure for the prescribed length of time.
It can be tempting for some valeters who are paid on a ‘per car’ basis to cut corners in order to get the job done more quickly. When purchasing a sealant package it is wise to make a few enquires about the valeter to ensure that the job will be carried out to the highest standards.

This five point checklist will help you to get a feel for the level of service your dealership can provide:

Does the valeter have the necessary eye for detail?
Sealants need to be applied to every millimetre of your paintwork, and great care is needed in their application. Inspect the vehicles inside the vehicle showroom, these cars are indoors and easy to keep clean and therefore should be perfect. Finger marks are to be expected because people are viewing the vehicles, but there should be no traces of polish around door shuts, smears on windows, streaks on paintwork or dirt on the wheels.

Does your dealership have an in-house valeter or do they hire contract valeters?
Contract valeters can be very good, but if your dealership is hiring through an agency, they may get a different person every time. Some of these will not be trained in the application of paint sealants.
Ask the dealer if the person applying the sealant will be a regular qualified valeter?

Can you meet their in-house valeter and can you see their valet bay?
This will give you an idea of how seriously the dealership takes valeting. Many dealerships undervalue this service, and while they may spend thousands on equipment for the service area, the valeter will be lucky to get a new bucket and sponge. If a dealership has a well lit and well equipped valet bay, this is a sign that they are professional in their approach to sealants.

Are you allowed to offer the valeter a tip for doing a good job?
Some dealers pay valeters as little as £10 per car for applying sealants. With the salesman getting all the commission, he has every incentive to sell you the sealant, but there is little incentive for it to be applied properly. It could be worth offering a tip because if you are paying £300, another £10 on top will be well worth it to ensure a good job.

Ask the valeter how long it will take to apply the sealant kit.
As a guide, it takes a Clean Image Silver-level valeter 3 hours 30 mins to prepare and apply the full sealant kit to a medium sized brand new car. It takes longer for the preparation of nearly new and used cars.


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