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Special protective coatings

    Advances in chemical technology means that now days there are a wide range of sealants and coatings available to the automotive industry. Many are designed to offer a protective barrier while others feed, nourish and replenish.

Glass coatings
You may remember rain repellent glass coatings being featured on Tomorrow's World many years ago when it won the Prince's award for innovation. The demonstration involved Prince Charles throwing a bucket of muddy water at a pane of glass. This amazing coating actually repels water, no matter how dirty it may be. This means that rain will just bead up and roll off. This aids visability by ensuring your windows remain clean and clear. Made famous by Rain-X, many manufactures such as JewelUltra now produce rain proof coatings.

Rainex Anti-Fog

We also stock coatings for the inside of windows which help to prevent misting. Although they don't prevent it completely, you will find that on those cold damp winter mornings, you windows will de-mist in a fraction of the normal time. A fantastic valeting product.





Fabric and Vinyl hoods
The fabric for convertibles hoods on cabriolet cars is only made by a small number of companies and supplied to all the major car manufacturers. This fabric comes already treated with a flouro-chemical coating which is similar to the kind we use to treat your interior. However, because your fabric hood is exposed to the elements all year around, this special exterior fabric coating needs to be replenished once it stops repelling water.
This specialist coating is especially formulated to cope with life outdoors and contains inhibitors to prevent mildew.
Renovo is a range of products designed exclusively to clean fabric hoods, re-colour and protect.

Renovo valet supplies. Products for hoods

We also stock a range of products for the restoration, re-colouring and protection of Vinyl hoods and clear plastic rear windows which are commonly found on convertible cars, and which are prone to scratching and going milky. [More]

Alloy wheels and metal wear
Alloy wheels receive more punishment from the elements than any other part of the car. Because they are so close to the road, they are constantly bombarded with water, grit and road salts. But they also get peppered with red hot brake dust which contains metals which stick and then corrode as they get wet. This has posed a particularly difficult problem for the manufacturers of chemical coatings and the answer has been a long time coming, but now there are several brands of alloy wheel sealant on the market which are very effective. [More]

Although bare metal is rare on cars these days, some sports, modified and prestige cars have stainless steel, aluminium and alloy parts which can become tarnished over time if not treated. Alloy wheel sealants are an effective coating for all metal wear.

Self Adhesive Vinyl Coatings
Many manufacturers now supply their cars with clear vinyl coatings in areas which are prone to damage. These can often be seen on the inside of door shuts, around the boot area or infront of the wheel arches... If you look at a TVR you will probably find that the whole front of the car is covered.

Aftermarket pre-made kits are now available for many models which we are able to supply and fit for you. But we also have the ability to make to order vinyl panels designed to suit your needs. This is especially useful if you are using your car for work and a particular area is recieving excess wear and tear.

This is a new service for Clean Image, so until we can put full details on our website, please call 01245 35035 and ask for Gary.



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