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Diamondbrite Conserver

If you have had JewelUltra Diamondbrite applied to your car, we highly recommend that you use the conserver. As well as being a condition of the guarantee (so you will need to use it just in case of the highly unlikely event that you ever have a problem), you will find that conserver will help to keep your car looking as shiny as the day you have Diamondbrite applied.

The instructions on the Conserver bottle say that you should add two capfuls to a bucket of water. You should then rinse the car with this water, before then rinsing again with clean fresh water.

However, we think we have found a better way of doing it. A whole bucket of the conserver mix is probably a bit much, so instead of two capfuls in a whole bucket, you may be better off with one capful in half a bucket. Then sponge the Conserver mix over the car.

JewelUltraDiamondbrite Conserver

The method we prefer is to apply the Conserver directly to a damp sponge, then to wipe the car down with the sponge. If done correctly, this method ensures that the conserver is going onto the paintwork, and if done correctly makes for less waste. The instructions on the Conserver do say that it can be used neat to remove bugs and tar and we have found that this method is effective.

However, JewelUltra also say that Conserver can be applied neat directly to the front of the car when you are going through a car wash. We would advise against using an automated car wash as they damage paintwork by scratching. Although a sealant offers some protection against this in the short term, over time a car wash will scour your sealant and your paintwork from your car. See this article for more information about car washes .

After applying the Conserver, you may have found that the car feels slightly greasy and is difficult to leather off. This can be avoided by rinsing the car thoroughly with liberal amounts of fresh clean water.

Diamondbrite Consever is available from the Valet Shop in 1ltr bottles.

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