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You may not have heard of AutoSmart, because unlike AutoGlym, they do not market their products at the retail industry. But this British company is probably the biggest name in car care products and their products are the No.1 choice of valeters and body shops in Britain and much of Europe.

AutoSmart is a company we know we can trust, because for many years we have bought many of our products from them.

Silver Seal is a no nonsense product which is easy to maintain. Once it's on the car all you have to do is wash with their Care'n'Clean which comes supplied with the kit in a big bottle. There are no conservers or additives or special cleaners.

SilverSeal is guaranteed for 3 years on a new car, 2 years on a one year old car, and 1 year on all other cars, although it will easily last more than two years on older cars if they are well prepared. However, sealants don’t fall apart the moment the guarantee ends! Silver Seal can be expected to last quite a bit longer than the guarantee. We have used SilverSeal on one of our courtesy cars and thus far have been very impressed with the results.
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As with our other sealant packages, AutoSmart’s SilverSeal comes with an interior fabric protector which will stop permanent staining and prevent dirt from sticking to the fibres of your seats and carpet.


AutoSmart Silver Seal
These prices include full interior/exterior kit, manufacturers guarantee, and care'n'clean shampoo.
Small £124
Medium £141
Executive £158
Large Exec./Small 4x4 £175
People Carrier/4x4 £200
Super Size P.O.A.

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