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Auto Glym is a world leader in car care products and is a household name which has come to mean high quality. When we heard that they were producing a sealant, we just had to add it to our range. If Auto Glym is good enough for Prince Charles, then it's good enough for us.

Auto Glym has taken a slightly different approach to sealant protection programs than the other brands. Normally, a sealant replaces regular waxing and polishing, but Auto Glym LifeShine is designed to work underneath regular waxing and polishing.

You may be asking yourself "What's the point of that?". Indeed, we asked ourselves the same question. One of the benefits of a paint sealant is that you never have to wax your car again and apart from using a conserver or additive (which are very easy to use) there is virtually no maintenance needed on the car's exterior.

So what is the advantage of LifeShine?

To understand the advantage of LifeShine, you must first understand the slight disadvantage of other sealants. When it comes to the manufacture of waxes and synthetic waxes, the general rule is that the shinier they are, the less durable they are. Sealants are a bit of an exception because they are shiny and very, very durable (the downside of this is that they are expensive to manufacture and difficult to apply). However, although paint sealants are very shiny, they cannot match the wet-look shine of some of the super high quality waxes on the market.

These wet-look waxes look wet because they are wet, they are filled with oils, fats and powerful chemical solvents. We are often asked if it is okay to apply this kind of product over the top of a paint sealant, and unfortunately the answer is no. The powerful solvents in them which are required to blend all the ingredients together would eventually damage the sealant coating.

Auto Glym Life shine Kit  

For the majority of us, a paint sealant such as Diamondbrite or Supagard is shiny enough but LifeShine has a secret weapon! It is designed to be compatible with Auto Glym's Super Resin Polish and Extra Gloss Protection which complete with the LifeShine package along with a host of other wonderful products.

Super Resin Polish is a cleaner-wax which gives exceptional shine, and if this isn't enough, you can then apply Extra Gloss Protection which is a wet-look glaze. Admittedly, applying a wax and a glaze is more work than most of us would want to spend on our cars. But for the connoisseur who wants a concourse look, this is without a doubt the package to go for.

LifeShine is a complete protection program for your car and includes their exceptional upholster & carpet protection, leather protection, and glass guard meaning that your car is protected inside and out. It comes as a complete protection package which as an approved agent, we apply for you.

We recommend AutoGlym LifeShine to enthusiasts who enjoy taking care of their cars. If you have an Aston Martin, Jaguar, Porsche or other prestige car, LifeShine will keep it looking at its best. Auto Glym guarantee LifeShine will keep your car in top condition for ten or more years.

These prices include full interior/exterior kit, and aftercare kit. There's no VAT to be added to our prices
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