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911 alloy wheel. Coated and metal.
Alloy Wheel Protection

    Keeping alloy wheel clean can be a real chore, as can cleaning them. Wheels receive more wear than any other part of the car, firstly because they are closest to the road, road salts, grit and grime. They also get coated in hot brake dust which contain metal fallout which sticks to your alloy wheels by means of static electric charge, this then oxidizes and can eat into the paintwork of your wheels.

An answer to this problem has been a long time coming, but in the last few years, sealants have been developed which are especially formulated to protect painted alloys, chrome and stainless steel, repel fallout by altering the static electric charge of the wheel and offer extra protection against red hot brake dust.

Innotec Innox 500ml

This is our choice of alloy wheel protector

500ml can supplied and fitted for £29.95 inc

Available from
INNO-X 500ml - £13.65 inc
INNO-X 200ML - £8.50 inc

Innotec Inno-x 200ml

Supawheels by supagard

supawheels is a new product offered by Supagard as an extra option available only with the supagard full package with aftercare kit.
Also available from ValetShop £24.95inc




AlloyWax by Toughseal

Alloy Wax
AlloyWax is applied in the same wax as a normal wax or polish. we have found this product to be very shiny and to give exceptional protection for up to 3 months.

Alloy Wax costs £16.50 inc. with a valet (applied, plus you get the remainder bottle), and £12.95 inc per bottle, (supply only).




MetalMate by Cleartech Polymers Ltd.

This product has now been tried and tested by Clean Image, it is claimed that Metalmate will last the lifetime of the wheel, and although we haven't had it that long, we really like this product. It makes the wheels look really bright, and they are so easy to clean that the dirt just falls off.

We no longer stock this product




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