Paint Sealant Protection


Never Wax Again!

Paint sealants are a permanent polymer plastic coating which fills microscopic holes in your car's paintwork, making it tougher and sealing it against the elements. The sealant would be be virtually invisible if it were not for the fact that it makes the paint glossy and shiny as if it were freshly waxed.

Saves you money and makes life easier

Because the coating is permanent with minimal maintenance, it will keep your car looking bright and glossy for many years, helping to maintain the car's value. But for most people the main attraction is that you will not have to wax your car to keep it looking in peak condition, and the process of washing becomes so much easier. With the paintwork so smooth and polished, there is less for the dirt to cling to meaning that you save time and energy.

Our Paint Sealants come in packages which contain other specialty coatings for protecting fabric, leather, alloy wheels and plastics. See our main Paint Sealants Pages for details.

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