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Making Cars Like New Again

Experience that
New Car Feeling

Are you thinking of buying the car you always wanted? Or do you already own it?

We know that just a few years motoring can lead to worn leather seats, scuffed alloy wheels, dents, scuffs and tired paintwork, this all adds up to a car that no longer gives you the feeling that it used to.


Porsche Restoration
Rolls-Royce Restoration

Do you remember how your car made you feel when you first saw it, heard the sound of it, smell of it, first sat behind the wheel.

We can make it like new again.

Renovation pays you back

The things that make you dissatisfied with you car are also the same things that devalue it. So on the right car, restoring it can make desirable and greatly increase it's value. Even if you aren't selling it, by approaching a restoration project with common sense we can ensure that for every pound spent, the value of the car is raised by two or three.

Please take the time to look through our articles, watch our videos and ask yourself if your dream car deserves to be new again.

We recommend that you do some research and find our what your car is worth in it's current condition compared to one that is pristine and then contact us for friendly advice. Just bring your car to us and we will advise you of as to the best way to make your car look and feel fantastic. (A few words of advice if you are thinking of buying a car to restore).


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Contact Us About Modern Car Restoration

...and tell us about your requirements.

Your advisor will help you to put together a package which suites your needs, and then oversee the project from start to finish.


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