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PDF: Maintenance Check sheet
A checklist to help you maintain your car and to regularly check tyres, and fluid levels complete with instructions on how to do it.

PDF: Lease Return Check sheet
A check sheet based on the kind used by vehicle lease return inspectors. This check sheet will help you to assess your car, so you can do your own inspection before the real one, find the problems and get them fixed. It includes advice on how to inspect your car.

BVRLA - British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association.
This guide was written in co-operation with the BVRLA and based on their Fair Wear & Tear Guide. We strongly recommend that you contact the BVRLA and purchase their guide if you haven't already got one. You should keep this guide in your car and refer to it every time you inspect your car.

Fleet News
A weekly publication for the Fleet industry, aimed at fleet managers, many of whom lease cars. The web site is packed full of useful information and well worth a look even if you have privately leased your car although you will need to sign up. They produce a number of guides which fleet managers will find useful including the FN50 which we have referred to in this guide.
The RAC carry out independent inspections and are a national company. Some Lease Companies such as Motorbility use them as a matter of course and make arrangements for them to see your car in plenty of time before it goes back. If not, it is well worth arranging an inspection, especially if you do not feel confident enough to inspect the car yourself using the Fair Wear & Tear Standard Guide.
Our good friends over at planet leasing don't just do leasing... Whatever way you choose to finance your new car, they can help you find a deal that suits you. They are great people who pride themselves on their customer service.
Once you have returned your car and are looking for another, a good place to start is probably at Ling's Cars. Her approach is certainly unique and I guarantee that once you weigh up all the extras she can offer, you will have a hard time beating her deals. Besides, her website is very entertaining!
The Car Leasing Centre are specialists in Lease cars, Contract Hire, Contract Purchase, PCP - Personal Contract Purchase , PCH - Personal Contract Hire, Finance Lease and other funding methods within the United Kingdom and helped us to put together this guide. They offer great advice and are well worth talking to before leasing a car.
They have their own Fair Wear & Tear Guide available as a PDF.

Alpha Leasing Blog
Useful advice for drivers of lease cars written by the team at Alpha leasing.

More Leasing and Contract Hire Resources in our directory.

De-Fleet Services

Our End-of-Lease Services provide quality repair for excessive wear and tear, and is acceptable and appropriate for Contract Hire, Personal Contract Purchase (PCP), Private Lease, Contract Purchase and Lease Purchase. Fleet managers wishing to efficiently prepare off-lease vehicles can contact us or send their drivers directly to our Q&A. Our advisors are trianed by Manheim to work to the BVRLA guidelines.


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